Embrays Designs NEW Vol. 2 [Soundtoys Effect Rack Presets]

Embrays Designs Presets for Soundtoys Effect Rack
  • Publisher: Embrays Designs
  • Product: 150 Presets Vol. 2 for Soundtoys Effect Rack
  • Release: trae_hym
  • Format: Soundtoys Effect Rack Presets

A Rich Collection for Diverse Soundscapes The second volume of Embrays Designs presets for Soundtoys EffectRack offers an array of 150 presets, meticulously crafted for a variety of applications. Whether you’re working on vocals, guitars, or synths, this pack provides the tools to take your sound to the next level.

Vocal Enhancement with Precision

  • Creative Styles: 5 presets designed to add unique flair to vocal tracks.
  • Dreamy Reverbs: 5 presets that envelop vocals in lush, atmospheric spaces.
  • Drive Echoes: 5 presets to infuse vocals with rhythmic energy and presence.

Guitar Tones from Subtle to Bold

  • Cream Stage: 5 presets for smooth, polished guitar sounds.
  • Crispy Delays: 5 presets that introduce sharp, defined echo effects.
  • Electric Distort: 5 presets to bring out the raw power of electric guitars.

Synth Sounds: Expansive and Evocative

  • Big Reverbs: 5 presets for creating expansive, cinematic synth landscapes.
  • Creative Space: 5 presets that push the boundaries of traditional synth sounds.
  • Dance Filters: 5 presets to get synths moving with rhythmic filtering.

Embrays Designs’ NEW 150 Presets Vol 2 is a valuable asset for any sound designer or producer looking to expand their sonic palette. With presets ranging from subtle enhancements to transformative effects, this pack is a testament to the versatility and quality that Soundtoys EffectRack users have come to expect.

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