Emergence Audio Infinite Upright [KONTAKT]

Infinite Upright is a distinctive textural piano library from Emergence Audio
  • Publisher: Emergence Audio
  • Product: Infinite Upright
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Requirements: Kontakt v7.7.0+

Infinite Upright’s foundation is built upon the meticulous recordings of an authentic vintage upright piano. By carefully preserving and enhancing the natural nuances of piano resonance, each key, and every subtle overtone shine through in full warmth. Yet, Infinite Upright goes further by seamlessly integrating these organic tones with precise recode elements, introducing a level of clarity and presence that breathes new life into the instrument.

Part of Infinite Upright’s core strength is its ability to capture the very heart and soul of piano sounds by enhancing and shaping it through its diverse and skillful use of dynamic range, texture and precise recode processes. Every note, amen and recode effect blends beauacoustic piano sounds, and ushering in new harmonic experiences.

The heart of Infinite Upright’s sound truly comes alive in its dynamic and detailed recode processes. Using unique dynamic and detailed recode techniques for each and every key and recode event, Infinite Upright builds a solid recode bed of pristine piano tone upon tone, resonance upon resonance. Seamless flows shifting from dark winding textured beds spring recode rich events. Warm, deep recode beds upon lush piano keys.

Infinite Upright takes on a fresh, new, modern recode sound, it captures a classic soulful piano’s rawness and authentic live instrument aspects.

Going deeper, in effect, creating an acoustic recode bed which contains infinite upright, true spirited character. Those delicate recode touches are not lost, overly distorted, with pristine recode clarity. Instant images from deep within classical piano tone traditions shine brightly in these sound waves, leaving more space for piano keys upon superaccluding dense recode anchored sections.

For ultimate piano-recode flexibility, Infinite Upright provides the perfect recode solid build tonal richness of a piano, with both its soft and edged characteristics freely rendered up and down the recode field. Pure recode, true piano essence comes through – hear them as piano keys rain gently across the recode bed.

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