Emergence Audio Quantum [KONTAKT]

Emergence Audio's Quantum is a Kontakt Library for Film, TV and Game Scoring, Ambient Music, Contemporary Era Music, Drone Music, Sound Design, Trailer Music, New Age/Meditation Music, and so much more.
  • Publisher: Emergence Audio
  • Product: Quantum
  • Release: FANTASTiC
  • Version: 2.3.0
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.7+

For composers, sound designers, and artists seeking a fresh approach to cinematic textures and otherworldly atmospheres, Emergence Audio’s Quantum offers an innovative path to true sonic immersion. This masterfully crafted Kontakt library introduces revolutionary technologies that breathe life into ambient pads, evolving drones, and hypnotic soundscapes.

The Infinite Motion Engine

At its core, Quantum utilizes Emergence’s proprietary Infinite Motion Engine to generate ever-transforming expressions of sound. By meticulously performing and sampling each source with subtle variations over incredibly long periods, the engine ensures that no two moments are ever truly identical.

This “Non-Static Sampling” technique far transcends basic looping or randomization. Quantum’s textile of analog synths, processed organic sources, and multi-sampled instruments continually morphs and evolves in unpredictable yet profoundly musical ways. Static ambiences become flowing, dynamic environments that remain gripping and fresh, no matter how long you dwell within them.

Designed for Effortless Artistry

With over 150 masterfully-designed presets as a starting point, Quantum makes it simple to summon kaleidoscopic realms of sound. Dial in evocative blends of synthesis and organic textures using the intuitive front panel controls. Over 100 parameters allow for deep customization and blending between Quantum’s multitude of unique sample layers.

The effects section is equally inspiring, providing top-shelf studio processing like convolution reverbs, choruses, distortion, and analog-modeled saturators. Combined with the infinite variations of the sound sources themselves, Quantum’s effect options expand its creative potential exponentially.

For Transcendent Sonic Experiences

Whether capturing the sense of infinite cosmos for films, games and VR experiences, crafting hypnotic live performances, producing ambient/drone albums, or anything in between, Emergence Audio’s Quantum provides a well of inspiration that never runs dry.
This pioneering Kontakt library’s developmental approach and technologies represent a new frontier in the cultivation of transcendent sonic textures. For elevating soundtracks, compositions, and sound designs to new realms of depth and authenticity, no instrument accomplishes that transformation quite like Quantum.

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