Emergence Audio Viola Textures [KONTAKT]

Viola textures, pads, and pulses
  • Publisher: Emergence Audio
  • Product: Viola Textures
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.7 or later

Viola Textures represents a significant advancement in the realm of string sampling, offering a dynamic and immersive experience for music producers and composers. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and capabilities:

Infinite Motion Engine™ and Non-Static Sampling™: These innovative technologies bring movement and unpredictability to the sonic landscape, enriching the sound with organic nuances and realism. The Infinite Motion Engine™ empowers users to craft dynamic sonic landscapes, while Non-Static Sampling™ introduces constantly evolving variations in each note, preserving the complexity and richness of live instrumentation.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed for both beginners and professionals, Viola Textures provides intuitive control over complex sound manipulations. Its user-friendly interface allows for seamless blending and sculpting of sounds, enabling users to create expressive and emotive musical compositions.

Effects: The instrument offers a comprehensive selection of effects, including convolution reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, rotator, stereo imager, distortion, saturation, lofi, and tape saturation. These effects provide next-level control and allow users to further enhance their sound design.

Articulations: Viola Textures includes a wide range of articulations, from flautando and sul tasto to tremolo and ricochet, offering versatility and flexibility in musical expression.

Presets and Customization: With over 160 presets and more than 100 parameters for customization, Viola Textures sparks inspiration and allows users to tailor their sound to their specific creative vision.

High-Quality Samples: The instrument features 24-bit 48kHz samples, ensuring high fidelity and professional-grade audio quality.

MIDI Learn/Automation: Viola Textures supports MIDI learn and automation for all controls, providing seamless integration with MIDI controllers and DAWs for enhanced workflow and performance.

In summary, Viola Textures revolutionizes string sampling with its advanced technologies, comprehensive effects, diverse articulations, and user-friendly interface, making it an indispensable tool for music producers and composers across various genres and applications.

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