Ergo Kukke Aleatoric Keys [KONTAKT]

Aleatoric Keys transcends traditional boundaries by seamlessly blending sounds from synthesizers and real-life recordings, ushering in a new era of inspiring sounds.
  • Publisher: Ergo Kukke
  • Product: Aleatoric Keys
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.7.0 or higher

Delve into the realm of Aleatoric Keys, an easy-to-use yet richly complex engine that opens the door to a world of sonic possibilities. Featuring four individually adjustable sample sources, each brimming with fully modulatable parameters, Aleatoric Keys is not just a tool; it’s a reservoir of new sounds that cannot be found elsewhere. These sounds go beyond mere emulation, blending synthesized sources with natural elements, creating a unique sonic palette.

The manipulation pads for “Source Movement” and “Filter Movement” breathe life into your compositions, making them dynamic and responsive to the visual narrative. With 14GB of samples and content, Aleatoric Keys boasts 160 instruments ranging from reimagined classic EPianos to gritty bass, ambient pads, EDM synths, and more. Designed for cinematic material, it seamlessly integrates as an expressive layer across various music genres.

To streamline your creative process, many individual sounds come premixed, allowing you to save time while crafting a unique mix. The included 112 categorized snapshots offer a quick audition of Aleatoric Keys’ diverse capabilities, conveniently grouped into subgroups like “Bass,” “Keys & Strings,” “Pads,” “Synths,” and “FX” for efficient sound spectrum fulfillment.

Key Features:

  • Four individually adjustable sample sources for layering sounds
  • 14GB of samples and content featuring 160 instruments
  • “Source Movement” and “Filter Movement” manipulation pads for dynamic control
  • 112 categorized snapshots for quick audition and modification
  • “Edit Modulation” menu with four LFOs and four ADSR envelopes
  • Nine built-in effects units for additional sound shaping
  • “Edit Randomise” page for inspiring randomization with user control

Whether you’re aiming for an inspiring starter or a progressive addition to your music, Aleatoric Keys is a versatile tool that enhances your sonic palette and provides a canvas for unique sound exploration. With controls for EQ, envelope, filter, and more on each sound source, tailor the sounds to suit your project’s needs and unlock infinite possibilities with the “Source Movement” and “Filter Movement” manipulation pads. Elevate your compositions with the dynamic character and diverse textures offered by Aleatoric Keys.

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