FluffyAudio Simple Violin (KONTAKT)

FluffyAudio Simple Violin (KONTAKT)
  • FluffyAudio
  • Simple Violin
  • Kontakt 5.5.1 (and above)
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • 1.25 GB

FluffyAudio Simple Violin (KONTAKT) is a violin sampled with only one genuine legato explanation – with full support note after the legato – and one powerful layer. Sampled in a show lobby, we especially requested that the entertainer give extraordinary consideration to enthusiasm and vibrato. The outcome is a stunning instrument, which includes the equivalent propelled motor of our progressively costly items. The instrument likewise includes another sensible re-bowing framework that works splendidly and assists with making persuading mockups.

At last its restrictions are its best qualities: simple to play, low memory impression, common expressiveness.


When building up the library we attempted to keep away from over-handling the samples by utilizing pressure and standardization. In this manner we required an uncommon scripting gadget which could mix all the samples advances in a smooth and practical manner. We built up an outside apparatus which breaks down the samples and imports this information into Kontakt called the Dynamic Control Engine. Because of the DCE, Kontakt knows the volumes of the samples as of now playing in the instrument and matches the volume of the approaching samples with the past ones. At last the DCE works immaculately “under the radar” leaving the client allowed to appreciate playing and building his expressive legato expressions.

Simple Violin is a simple and great sounding legato violin for Kontakt 5 (and above).

FluffyAudio Simple Violin (KONTAKT) Features

  • 1255 samples
  • 1.35 GB ncw compressed sample pool (2.8 GB original sample size)
  • 3 mic positions
  • 3 octaves note range
  • True Legato with full sustained note after legato
  • Key Triggered Rebowings
  • DCE Engine for dynamic blending
  • Articulation Editor
  • Improved humanized tuning
  • Automatic legato speed based on the analysis of your performance
  • 17 Impulse Reverbs
  • Animated GUI with many configurable parameters
  • Ready-to-play presets

Quick screencast demo of our library Simple Violin for Kontakt 5 (and above).

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