Have Audio CATTANEO Pianos Bundle [KONTAKT]

CATTANEO Pianos Bundle contains both CATTANEO Upright Piano and Electric Piano + CATTANEO Cassette
  • Publisher: Have Audio
  • Product: CATTANEO Pianos Bundle
  • Release: ohsie
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.6.1+

The CATTANEO Pianos Bundle from Have Audio combines two exceptional piano instruments, CATTANEO Upright Piano and Electric Piano, along with an exclusive bonus instrument, CATTANEO Cassette, to offer a comprehensive solution for piano music production. This detailed review explores the features, sound quality, and creative potential of each instrument within the bundle, highlighting its versatility and unique character.

CATTANEO Upright Piano

The CATTANEO Upright Piano offers an intimate and unique piano sound, perfectly suited for songwriting, indie/pop, and introspective scoring. With a total of 4996 samples in ncw format, this instrument captures the nuances and character of an upright piano with exceptional realism. The instrument features five mixable channels, including PIANO, HUMAN (emphasizing performance and key noises), SWELL (sound designed swells), RUST (providing distortion), and COLOR (offering additional tonal textures such as claviharp). The comprehensive set of FX and controls, including customizable attack, reverbs, delays, sustain pedal volume, and a dedicated tape section, allow for extensive sound shaping and manipulation.

CATTANEO Electric Piano

The CATTANEO Electric Piano offers a dreamlike experience, sampled directly from Cattaneo’s custom-modified and “augmented” Rhodes-type piano. With 647 samples in ncw format, this instrument delivers an authentic and ethereal electric piano sound that sets it apart from traditional electric pianos. Similar to the Upright Piano, it features five mixable channels: PIANO, HUMAN, SWELL, GRAINS (providing granular soundscapes), and COLOR (offering tonal variations such as tuned glasses). The instrument includes a range of FX and controls, including attack customization, reverbs, delays, sustain pedal volume, and a unique tape section for achieving lo-fi effects with tape noises and wobbling.


As an exclusive bonus, the CATTANEO Pianos Bundle includes CATTANEO Cassette, offering artist-selected cassette loops and noises from Cattaneo’s own collection. This bonus instrument adds an additional layer of texture and character to your productions, enhancing the nostalgic and vintage vibe of the overall bundle.

The Have Audio CATTANEO Pianos Bundle is a remarkable collection of piano instruments that offers unparalleled versatility, realism, and creative potential. From the intimate and unique sound of the Upright Piano to the dreamlike and ethereal qualities of the Electric Piano, each instrument in the bundle provides a distinct sonic character and a comprehensive set of features and controls for shaping and manipulating the sound to your liking. With the addition of the exclusive CATTANEO Cassette instrument, this bundle offers everything you need to create beautiful piano music and beyond, making it a valuable asset for composers, producers, and musicians alike.

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