Inletaudio Ambient Keys [KONTAKT]

Marvin McMahon's Ambient Keys
  • Publisher: Inletaudio
  • Product: Ambient Keys
  • Release: ohsie
  • Requirements: Kontakt 6.4.2+

Inletaudio presents Ambient Keys, a breathtaking journey into the ethereal realms of sound curated by the illustrious composer Marvin McMahon. Seamlessly blending organic and electronic elements, this collection offers 33 keys and 26 pads meticulously crafted to evoke profound emotions and spark boundless creativity. With built-in effects and intuitive controls, Ambient Keys invites artists to explore a universe of sonic possibilities and craft mesmerizing fusions.

A Collaboration of Visionaries

Ambient Keys marks the inaugural release in Inletaudio’s COLAB series, a platform for collaboration between composers and artists to create unique sound collections. Marvin McMahon’s illustrious career as a composer for film, TV, and trailers lends unparalleled expertise to this project. His accolades include scores for acclaimed documentaries and trailers for major streaming platforms, showcasing his mastery of sound design and composition.

Crafted with Care

Marvin McMahon’s meticulous approach to sound curation shines through in Ambient Keys. Months of dedicated sampling and selection have resulted in a collection that reflects his musical palette and artistic vision. From Eurorack modules to electric guitars, each sound has been carefully captured and curated to offer a diverse array of textures and timbres. The inclusion of iconic gear such as the Juno-6, Moog Matriarch, and Fender Rhodes adds depth and richness to the collection, ensuring a truly immersive sonic experience.

Seamless Integration and Creative Expression

At the heart of Ambient Keys lies the XY pad, a dynamic tool that allows for seamless blending of up to four sounds. This intuitive interface empowers artists to experiment with layering and mixing, unlocking new dimensions of creativity. With built-in effects and controls, users can sculpt and shape their sounds with precision, immersing themselves in the creative process and bringing their musical visions to life.

Inletaudio Ambient Keys stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in sound design. Under the expert guidance of Marvin McMahon, this collection transports listeners to mesmerizing sonic landscapes, offering a wealth of inspiration and creative possibilities. Whether scoring a film, crafting ambient soundscapes, or experimenting with electronic compositions, Ambient Keys is a versatile and indispensable tool for artists seeking to elevate their craft and ignite profound emotions through music.

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