Karanyi Sounds Analog Tales 2 [KONTAKT]

Publisher: Karanyi Sounds
Product: Analog Tales 2 
Requirements: Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher
  • Publisher: Karanyi Sounds
  • Product: Analog Tales 2
  • Requirements: Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher

Enter the world of Analog Tales 2 (made for NI Kontakt 6): create warm vintage sounds, distorted overdriven basses and sequences, and dynamic textures with ease. Experience the true power of analog warmth and overdrive with the new Thermo Control and Analog Arp, and design your very own sounds!

Vintage Warmth by Thermo Control

Thermo Control is a powerful feature that allows you to add warmth, depth and character to your sound. With its custom vintage overdrive setting for the top 2 sound layers, you can easily introduce a new level of saturation and grit to your mix. Transform your keys, leads, pads basses from subtle and mellow to bold and overdriven, creating a vintage analog sound that is full of character and depth.

Multilayer Sound Design

Analog Tales 2 takes sound design to the next level with its powerful 4+1 layer Kontakt engine. With four times as many sound modules as the original Analog Tales, this extended designer synth lets you access 40 individual sounds that you can further shape with delays, reverbs, custom LFO modulations, EQs, phasers, and more on each layer. Whether you’re creating any style from epic EDM basses, modern leads, vintage sounds, or cinematic soundscapes, Analog Tales 2 offers endless possibilities for your music!

Move it with Analog Arp

Analog Tales 2 features the new Analog Arp: allowing you to create vintage-style arp sequences easily. With 20 built-in presets, you can instantly start exploring and customizing your own unique arpeggios. The editor screen provides complete control over the arpeggiator’s speed, gate, and swing, allowing you to experiment and create new ideas on the fly. Whether you want to add a subtle rhythmic element or completely transform your sound, Analog Arp gives you flexibility and creative freedom.

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