Keepforest Berserkr – Tribal Punk Folk Drums [WAV]

Keepforest Berserkr - Tribal Punk Folk Drums
  • Publisher: Keepforest
  • Supplier: Talula
  • Product: Berserkr – Tribal Punk Folk Drums
  • Format: WAV

Timeless Realm of Battle, Fury and Rituals: Embark on a journey through ancient legends, steeped in lore and medieval ferocity. Berserkr transports you to fierce battlefields, shamanic ceremonies, and age-old narratives. More than just a sound library, Berserkr is a portal that breathes life into these sagas.

Featuring our cutting-edge sequencing and randomizing rhythms algorithm, Berserkr empowers you to invoke the spirits of the ancients, allowing you to craft unique and evolving drum rhythms effortlessly with the click of a button, and infuse your music with the essence of time-honored tales and uncover a myriad of creative paths awaiting your exploration.

Tribal Essence: Explore the untamed wilderness and a deep connection to the tribal past, where the raw essence of ancient shamans is felt. This collection delivers an array of authentic sounds drawn directly from the materials of that time. Immerse yourself in the echoes of strikes on leather, the diverse textures of various wood types, the rustling of leaves, the mesmerizing crackling of fire, and much more. These evocative sounds are ideal for crafting atmospheres that transport you to prehistoric epochs.

Punk Infusion: A hint of punk-inspired grit, crunch, or distortion can work wonders, wouldn’t you agree? While every round-robin loop has been impeccably mixed and harmonized, we’ve artfully incorporated a dash of edginess to ensure that our sounds, and consequently your compositions, truly shine across all spectrums.

Folk Roots: We’ve meticulously recorded the authentic sounds of swords, the rustle of leather coin pouches, the playful jingle of tambourines, and the haunting allure of nyckelharpa and cello. Immerse yourself fully in this rich tapestry of sound, and let your compositions echo the spirit of knights, sword clashes, and age-old village tales.

Drums Reimagined: Try our cutting-edge Sequencer that grants you the ability to redesign patterns, craft new ones, and artistically manipulate them in a multitude of ways thanks to additional Dynamic sequencers and advanced Groove Maker with amazing Probability features. This innovation unlocks an entirely elevated level of control over your rhythmic patterns, making rhythm creation a fun and creative experience.

Enhanced Creativity: Berserkr features an enormous collection of round-robin loops (8-32 samples inside each loop) that have been meticulously recorded and mixed to perfection. Whether you choose to use them on their own or as a layer in conjunction with your existing libraries, they will infuse your music with rich character and depth. These versatile sounds are particularly well-suited for adding depth to music tracks in trailers and soundtracks, especially those that resonate with themes of epic battles, historical dramas, and mystical tales.

Total: 8000+ Mastered Audio Files

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