Klevgrand Loney Tunes [Tomofon Sound Pack]

Klevgrand Loney Tunes is a Tomofon Sound Pack
  • Publisher: Klevgrand
  • Product: Loney Tunes
  • Release: GTA
  • Format: Tomofon Sound Pack

As anyone familiar with the dreamlike, atmospheric music of Loney Dear can attest, there’s a special kind of magic that blooms from the intersection of the pristine and the delightfully imperfect. The new Loney Tunes sound pack for Klevgrand’s unique Tomofon synth perfectly encapsulates this alluring dichotomy, providing an evocative yet endlessly malleable palette of samples extracted from the acoustic world of Loney Dear mastermind Emil Svanängen.

Make no mistake – this isn’t a collection of meticulously multi-sampled virtuosic instruments. What you’ll find in Loney Tunes are the deliciously gritty, noisy, and unpredictable sounds that make Loney Dear’s compositions so hypnotically transportive. Warbling flutes, detuned pianos, bowed violin textures, and Svanängen’s own haunting vocals all seamlessly coexist and cross-pollinate within Tomofon’s powerful Audio Model engine.

The included 10 Audio Models provide the primary sonic seedbed for conjuring up dreamstate lush ambiances, droning tonal clusters, and hazy, impressionistic harmonic backdrops. But load up any of the 35 masterfully-curated presets, and you’ll be instantly swept away into Loney Tunes’ intoxicating, paradoxical world of beauty and decay.

Woozy, unstable clarinet samples twist and flutter atop a bed of white noise cyclones. Slivers of a time-stretched piano dance in canon with ghostly vocal textures. An eerie, subsonic throb pulses underneath layers of scraping, wheezing, and whirring sourced from old drum machines and construction site field recordings. It’s the kind of meticulously cultivated sonic entropy that could only come from an artist like Svanängen.

In the hands of a capable sound designer, the raw material provided by Loney Tunes feels ripe for infinite recombination and reinvention within Tomofon’s endlessly mutable architecture. But even just digging into the presets as they’re provided is a surreal, transportive experience – like being submerged in “the most beautiful dream and the most terrible nightmare, all at once.”

For fans of exploratory ambient, modern composition, and the atmospheric fringes where the acoustic and electronic realms bleed into one another, Loney Tunes makes for both an eminently usable and profoundly inspiring addition to your Tomofon toolkit. Let these sumptuous yet unsettling sounds whisk you away into the dreamy, hypnagogic territory that Loney Dear calls home.

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