Klevgrand Unholy Drums [OneShot Kit]

Unholy Drums is a OneShot sample pack
  • Publisher: Klevgrand
  • Product: Unholy Drums
  • Release: GTA
  • Format: OneShot Extension
  • Requirements: OneShot

For producers and drummers seeking to summon the pure, undiluted fury of Swedish dark rock/metal, Klevgrand’s Unholy Drums OneShot Kit is an utterly essential collection. This collaborative sound pack birthed from the combined talents of Ghost drummer Ludvig Kennberg and renowned engineer Niels Nielsen bottles the thunderous, haunting spirit of Östergötland’s occult music scene.

From the moment you thumb through the presets, it’s clear Unholy Drums means business. The kick drums detonate with room-leveling force – a perfect fusion of weighty thud and piercing click for cutting through even the murkiest guitar assaults. The snares bite and snap with tightly-gated venom. The cymbals seethe with an almost ghostly wash of dark overtones.

But what really sets these drum tones apart is their unmistakable sense of character. Rather than pursuing clinical, compressed perfection, Nielsen and Kennberg captured nuanced, evocative performances imbued with grit, aggression, and more than a hint of black magic. You can hear it in the humanized kick pedal resonance, the snarling rattle of the snares, the gently swirling cymbal sustains conjuring visions of curling smoke.

For rendering authentically heavy, occult-tinged drum performances, Unholy Drums is simply in a class by itself. The presets give you an amazing launchpad spanning anthemic rock beats, black metal blast furnaces, industrial grooves, and moody alt-rock vibes. But it’s the raw, malleable sample material that makes these tones come alive and transcend staid drum machine loops.

I’d strongly recommend Unholy Drums to any discerning rock/metal producer or drummer looking to infuse their work with a visceral, haunting presence. The tones are equally suited to thunderous riffs, dreamy atmospheric passages, and headbangingly brutal aggression. Just make sure to bless your tracks with some properly unholy incantations before committing the sounds to disk.

My only minor gripe is that, by design, Unholy Drums is resolutely focused on rendering extremely specific rock and metal vibes. So those looking for more versatile acoustic or conventional drum tones may want to browse other options. But if you need to summon the darker mystic forces for your heavy and alt-rock productions, this pack simply can’t be beat.

At its core, Unholy Drums captures the lightning-in-a-bottle magic of a drummer and engineer at the peak of their powers. It harnesses the very essence of the occult-inspired Östergötland music scene – a welcome jolt of authenticity in an oft-sanitized genre. Just prepare to make a few unholy sacrifices yourself, because the power within these samples demands nothing less than total commitment.

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