Reverb Machine Lo-fi Retrowave Synths (Diva)

Reverb Machine Lo-fi Retrowave Synths (Diva)
  • Publisher: Reverb Machine
  • Producer: Forhill
  • Genre: Synthwave (Lo-fi retrowave)
  • Product: Lo-fi Retrowave Synths
  • Format: u-he Diva Preset, MIDI
  • Operating System: Windows & macOS

Lo-fi retrowave is a subgenre of synthwave. Lo-fi retrowave combines elements of synthwave, ambient, downtempo, and chillwave, but most significantly, all of them capture a nostalgic mood.

Forhill Lo-fi Retrowave synth demo, using u-he Diva for synth tracks, Echoboy for effects, and Aly James VProm for drums.

‘Lo-fi Retrowave Synths’ are created with u-he Diva, a strong analog-style hybrid synth that permits you to mix-and-match modules from different classic synthesizers. Another key plugin used is Soundtoys Echoboy, a flexible delay effect that specializes in emulating vintage analog delay effects with a dark, saturated sound.

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