MixWave Mike Mangini [KONTAKT]

Step into the legendary drum temple of modern drum legend Mike Mangini and experience the iconic sounds firsthand
  • Publisher: MixWave
  • Product: Mike Mangini
  • Requirements: Kontakt 6.5.3 and above

Enter the realm of a musical powerhouse with an unparalleled career—Mike Mangini. With Grammy wins and extraordinary drumming prowess, his journey through music is truly remarkable. Not confined to the role of a drummer, Mangini’s skills extend to composition, contributing to chart-topping albums and even venturing into unexpected genres.

Tasked with meticulously sampling Mangini’s entire drum arsenal, we’ve achieved something beyond expectations—a vast and versatile orchestral-like collection of sounds.

Experience Mangini’s complete collection of mix-ready drums, featuring his 11-piece Masterworks kit meticulously designed in collaboration with Pearl Drums. With 4 kick drums, 9 snares, 8 toms, 4 octobans, and a comprehensive array of 20 cymbals, the possibilities are endless.

Sampled by Mike Mangini himself and expertly mixed at MixWave Studios, each sound is crafted to perfection.

Take complete control with our intuitive mixer-style interface. Transform raw samples into mix-ready drums with a single click. Dial in pre-mixed reverbs, effects, or utilize the additional built-in master channel effects—including a compressor, EQ, and tape saturation—to tailor your sound to perfection.

Experience the power and versatility of Mangini’s drum collection like never before, and elevate your music to new heights.

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