Nasko N-SPEC COMP is spectral compression VST plugin
  • Publisher: Nasko
  • Product: N-SPEC COMP
  • Release: FANTASTiC
  • Format: plugdata patch

For sound designers and mixing engineers seeking unprecedented control over dynamics and spectral shaping, Nasko’s N-SPEC COMP provides an arsenal of unique frequency-based processing unlike any other plugin. This innovative spectral compressor gives you supreme powers to sculpt virtually any sound’s tonal balance and dynamics across 512 discrete frequency bands.

Extreme Multiband Dynamics Control

At its core, N-SPEC COMP divides the frequency spectrum into 512 bands, each with its own compressor, gate, and adjustable threshold. This granular approach allows you to apply meticulous dynamics processing across the entire frequency range in ways a traditional multiband comp simply cannot.

You can subtly refine a sound’s spectral contour or radically reshape it using aggressive spectral compression and gating. The compressor churns up to 100dB of gain for everything from transparent leveling to drastic pumping. Dedicated attack, release, and mix controls provide precise adjustments.

Groundbreaking Visual Editing

What sets N-SPEC COMP apart is its ingenious visual editing capabilities. You can draw your own custom spectral threshold graph to impart any desired frequency response onto your sounds. Complementary offset and tilt sliders make it easy to audition different spectral curves with efficiency.

The innovative Overtones section is a game-changer, giving you an additional spectral gate to isolate and amplify a sound’s dominant overtones and formants up to 300% for crystal clarity. This surgical formant enhancement is simply unachievable with other dynamics processors.

Uncompromised Quality and Flexibility

While spectral processing can often introduce artifacts and intermodulation distortion, N-SPEC COMP avoids these pitfalls thanks to its smart spectral clipper that maximizes detail preservation. For further creative options, there’s also a dedicated spectral gate, aggressive clipper, and sidechain support.
Whether you need precision tone sculpting, drastic spectral compression, or ultra-clear formant isolation and boosting, N-SPEC COMP adapts to virtually any dynamic and spectral shaping task with stunning resolution. This truly innovative spectral compressor delivers unmatched sonic control like no other.

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