Nevo Studios AMS RMX 16 Impulse Responses (IRs) [WAV]

Publisher: Nevo Studios
Product: AMS RMX
Format: Impulse Responses (IRs) WAV
  • Publisher: Nevo Studios
  • Product: AMS RMX 16
  • Format: Impulse Responses (IRs) WAV

High quality made impulse responses (IR) from the classic (original 80’s) AMS RMX 16 from Nevo Studios.

AMS was established in 1976 by the Aerospace engineers Mark Crabtree and Stuart Nevison. 1981, they released the RMX-16 digital reverberator which defined the sound of the 1980s and been heard in pop and rock music ever since. By the mid 1980s, nearly every major studio had an RMX 16. It practically defined the drum sound of the era with the huge drums of Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”. The gated reverb preset NonLin 2 has been heard on hundreds, if not thousands recordings from the 1980s onward. The Sound of the RMX 16 is unique and much sought after. Also heard on classics from: Dire straits, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Peter Gabriel, Van Halen, Prince, U2, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Radiohead, Kate bush and many moore

This reverb are sampled with several decay times of each bank to preserve the original tone of the reverb. This collection of the AMS RMX 16 contains the banks: *Ambience, *Hall B3, *Hall C1, *Nonlin 2, *Plate A1, *Reverse 1, *Room A1, and one special freeze mode.


Impulse responses of (Wav files 48kHz, 32bit):
AMS RMX 16 (a total of 121 IR wave files)

Install instructions and preset files included for:
ABLETON (Convolution Reverb Pro / MacOS + Windows)
ALTIVERB (MacOS + Windows)
CUBASE PRO (REVerence / MacOS + Windows)
FL STUDIO (Fruity Convolver / MacOS + Windows)
IR-1 (Waves / MacOS + Windows)
LOGIC PRO X (Space Designer)
PRO TOOLS (Space / MacOS + Windows)
REAPER (ReaVerb / MacOS + Windows)
REVERBERATE 3 (MacOS + Windows)
STUDIO ONE “PRO” (Open-Air / MacOS + Windows)

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