Niko’s Beatmaker MIDI Pack

Publisher: Niko Kotoulas
Product: Niko's Beatmaker MIDI Pack
Formats: MIDI
  • Publisher: Niko Kotoulas
  • Product: Niko’s Beatmaker MIDI Pack
  • Formats: MIDI

“Instantly Unlock Over 5,000 Memorable Melodies and Chord Progressions That Will Make Your Beats STAND OUT”

Royalty-Free. No Music Theory Needed. No More Trial & Error.

  • Effortlessly create epic chord progressions & memorable melodies with over 5,000+ MIDI Files
  • Finish music faster using the songwriting secrets of Drake, Kanye, Avicii, Scott Storch, Nelly & Tiesto
  • ​​​Get instant inspiration to write melodies that get stuck in your friends & family’s heads
  • Access complex, modern chord progressions only the top 1% of producers know
  • ​​Blend genres from Hip-Hop/R&B/Neosoul with Pop/Electronic to make your music stand out
  • ​​​Use dark, sad, beautiful & emotional chord & melody combinations to give your listener chills

Music Creators, Have You Ever Felt This Way?

  • Facing problems writing memorable melodies and unique chord progressions?
  • ​Wondering why your music isn’t getting listened to or purchased
  • ​Staying up late struggling with ‘writer’s/beat block’?
  • Sick and tired of making music that lacks emotion and feeling that your audience can relate to?
  • Don’t have the time to spend learning music theory?

If You Can Relate…

Then Niko’s Beatmaker MIDI Pack Is Exactly What You Need In Your Songwriting Process!

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