Niko’s Midi Pack

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  • Publisher: Niko Kotoulas
  • Product: Niko’s Midi Pack
  • Formats: MIDI

“Instantly Unlock Thousands Of Memorable Melodies and Chord Progressions That Will Make Your Music STAND OUT”

Royalty-Free. No Music Theory Needed.

Producers, Have You Ever Felt This Way?

Facing problems writing memorable melodies and unique chord progressions?

Wondering why you can’t get the music ideas out of your head and into your DAW?

Staying up late at night struggling with ‘writer’s block’?
Sick and tired of making music that lacks emotion and feeling that your audience can relate to?

Don’t have the time to spend learning music theory?

If You Can Relate…

Then ‘Niko’s MIDI Pack Is Exactly What You Need In Your SongWriting Process!

“You’re Just ONE Melody Away From Your Next Hit!”
As a fellow producer I understand exactly how you feel…

I remember how I felt when I first decided to turn my DREAM into my reality and go all in.

…and honestly I was scared

Like many of you can relate to, I had to face…
Family pushing me to take a more traditional route
Lack of confidence compared to my competition
Struggling to put the all the “producer” pieces together
Making music that stood out from the crowd
But during these times when I felt it was ME vs THE WORLD…

I would keep telling myself if I could just master songwriting I would make a name for myself!

Easier said than done right?

‘How would I do this?’

‘Where should I start?’

‘Who should I learn from?’

..but when I started asking myself these questions
Writer’s Block Hit Me!

Knowing that I was just ‘ONE MELODY AWAY’ from overcoming everything that was stopping me, but NOT being able to write that song KILLED ME!
Like many of you, I would spend HOURS playing, listening drawing in MIDI notes hoping I’d find my next idea!

Just to walk away without anything…

So instead of trying to ‘Reinvent The Wheel’ I started doing thousands of remixes and covers. Learning directly from the best in the industry, modeling their success!

Here’s Where Things Change…

Instead of making you spend THOUSANDS of HOURS playing the guessing game like I did…we want to GIVE you your shortcut to songwriting success!

Grab our advanced midi pack full of THOUSANDS of Memorable Melodies and Chord Progressions That Will Have Your Songs On Repeat…With Just One Click Of a Button!

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  1. Neil Subero

    Admin please fix the broken links for Niko’s Midi Pack, it’s saying link not found in both, thank u and great job love the site……

    1. Admin

      Updated, thanks for the feedback ❤

  2. Neil Subero

    Your welcome and once again nice work…❤

  3. Prastyo Gunawan

    thank you very much, i hope i learned something after has this midi collection

  4. Or

    Hi I wanted to ask if it really is royalty free and there is nothing to worry about publishing a song with a particular melody that Nico plays in terms of rights?

    1. Admin

      Yes, it’s totally royalty-free, there is nothing to worry about.

  5. John


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