Output Arcade Sound Library Content V2

Publisher: Output & FLARE
Product: Arcade Sound Library Content V2
Requirements: Output Arcade Sound Library Content for our Output Arcade V2 release. Import using our "TEAM FLARE Output Arcade Utility Tool V2"
Notes: This library took 3 days to download even on high speed internet. The reason is because Arcade's download manager is really bad. It downloads a few files at a time but it still takes a very long time because each line has over 2000 files to download, especially the NoteKits.

It took more than 10 minutes to download 100 mb of data for 20 NoteKits.

Also when you click to download a full line, not all samples get downloaded so you have to go and manually find them and download them. We did this with some of the lines included in this release but not all since some had over 2000 samples missing. Why don't you add a "Download All Samples" button Mr. Output?

Why keep adding more and more Samples/Kits/Lines when you still have many bugs in your product? Maybe spend some time fixing those first.
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  • Post last modified:July 13, 2022

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