OwnHammer Rock-Box M65CB-2013A [IRs]

G12M Creamback Impulse Responses (IRs)
  • Publisher: OwnHammer
  • Product: Rock-Box M65CB-2013A
  • Release: xblackgoatx
  • Format: WAV Impulse Responses (IRs)

Explore OwnHammer Rock-Box M65CB-2013A: A premium IR library featuring Celestion G12M Creamback-inspired tones, diverse mic mixes, and high-fidelity captures for versatile guitar tones.

OwnHammer’s Rock-Box M65CB-2013A impulse response (IR) library aims to capture the essence of the renowned Celestion G12M Creamback speaker, offering guitarists and producers a high-fidelity virtual cabinet solution. This detailed post will explore the features, sound quality, and potential applications of this IR collection, helping users determine if it’s the right fit for their guitar tone needs.

  • Authentic Creamback Tone: Meticulously captured to emulate the Celestion G12M Creamback (T5864)
  • Versatile Tonal Palette: Designed for a broad range of styles and applications
  • Transparent Character: Allows the nuances of different guitars, amps, and playing styles to shine through

Key Features

  • Proprietary Cabinet Design
    • Custom-built enclosure for optimal IR capture
    • Balanced frequency response with clean lows, “magical” mids, and smooth highs
    • Enhanced note clarity across the entire spectrum
  • Extensive Mic Mix Options
    • 40 unique multi-mic mixes
    • Four cabinet configurations: Classic, Blend, Modern, and Tall Vintage
    • Multiple mic positions for each configuration
  • High-Quality Capture Process
    • Production/mastering grade signal chain
    • No post-processing applied, preserving natural characteristics
  • Flexible File Formats
    • 24-bit WAV files
    • Multiple sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
    • Minimum phase transformed
    • 208 millisecond mono files
  • Speaker Specifications
    • Based on 2013 Celestion G12M Creamback (23GY cone)
    • 12-inch diameter, 8-ohm impedance
    • 75 Hz resonant frequency (Fs)

The Rock-Box M65CB-2013A offers a deep and versatile IR library for users seeking Celestion-inspired tones. The variety of cabinet configurations and mic mixes provides ample opportunity for tone-shaping, while the high-quality capture process ensures a faithful reproduction of the original speaker’s characteristics.

OwnHammer’s Rock-Box M65CB-2013A is a comprehensive and high-quality IR library that successfully captures the essence of the Celestion G12M Creamback speaker. Its combination of proprietary cabinet design, diverse mic mixes, and meticulous capture process makes it a valuable tool for guitarists and producers seeking authentic, Celestion-inspired tones in a digital format.

The attention to detail in the capture process, coupled with the variety of cabinet configurations and mic positions, provides users with a versatile palette for crafting their ideal guitar tone. While it may be overkill for those seeking a simple cabinet solution, musicians and producers looking for deep, realistic Creamback-style tones will find much to appreciate in the Rock-Box M65CB-2013A.

Whether you’re a professional producer needing consistent, high-quality guitar tones, a home recording enthusiast looking to elevate your productions, or a guitarist seeking to expand your tonal options, the OwnHammer Rock-Box M65CB-2013A offers a compelling solution. Its ability to produce convincing, nuanced Celestion-inspired tones across various styles, combined with its flexibility in mic mixes and cabinet configurations, makes it a standout choice in the world of guitar IR libraries.

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