PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon Model 200 1.1 Long Halls [IRs]

PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon Model 200 1.1 Long Halls Impulse Responses (IRs) WAV
  • Publisher: PastToFutureReverbs
  • Product: LEXICON MODEL 200 1.1 LONG HALLS!
  • Release: trae_hym
  • Format: Impulse Responses (IRs) WAV

PastToFutureReverbs presents a nostalgic journey back to the late ’90s with their latest release, the Lexicon Model 200 1.1 Long Halls IR pack. This emotional release pays homage to the iconic Lexicon 200, the first professional reverb machine ever purchased by the team. With a rich history that includes recording sessions with countless famous artists at the renowned CBS Studios in NYC, the Lexicon Model 200 holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Now, users can experience the magic of this legendary reverb unit firsthand, with meticulously sampled IRs that capture its signature sound in all its glory.

Capturing the Essence

PastToFutureReverbs has spared no effort in faithfully capturing the essence of the Lexicon Model 200. Unlike previous releases that focused on sampling presets with shorter decay times, the 1.1 Long Halls pack dives deep into the unit’s capabilities, showcasing its true potential with longer decay settings. With a meticulous sampling process that covers decay times ranging from 2.4 to an expansive 70 seconds, users are treated to a comprehensive selection of 40 IRs, including both digital and tape captures. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every nuance of the Lexicon Model 200’s iconic sound is faithfully reproduced, allowing users to immerse themselves in its magical 3D space.

Expansive Soundscapes

The Lexicon Model 200 1.1 Long Halls IR pack transports users to a world of expansive soundscapes and larger-than-life reverberations. From lush hall environments to ethereal chambers, each IR captures the essence of the Lexicon Model 200’s renowned sound, infusing every sound source with a sense of depth, dimension, and grandeur. Whether you’re working on a cinematic score, ambient composition, or pop production, these IRs add a touch of magic to any project, elevating your music with their glamorous and captivating reverberations.

High-Fidelity Experience

With a resolution of 24-bit/96kHz, the Lexicon Model 200 1.1 Long Halls IR pack delivers a high-fidelity experience that captures every detail of the original hardware unit. Whether you’re mixing, mastering, or sound designing, these IRs offer pristine sound quality and exceptional clarity, allowing you to achieve professional-grade results with ease. With their versatile sonic character and immersive spatial imaging, these IRs are sure to inspire creativity and elevate your productions to new heights.

The Lexicon Model 200 1.1 Long Halls IR pack from PastToFutureReverbs is a must-have addition to any producer or engineer’s toolkit. By faithfully capturing the essence of the iconic Lexicon 200 reverb unit, this release allows users to experience the magic of one of the most revered hardware reverbs in music history. With its expansive soundscapes, high-fidelity audio quality, and versatile applications, the Lexicon Model 200 1.1 Long Halls IR pack offers endless creative possibilities for musicians, producers, and sound designers alike. Whether you’re seeking to add depth and dimension to your mixes or create otherworldly soundscapes, this pack delivers an immersive and captivating sonic experience that is sure to inspire and delight.

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