PastToFutureReverbs MCI JH-16 2 Inch Multi-Track Tape Recorder [IRs]

MCI JH-16 2 inch multi-track tape recorder impulse responses
  • Publisher: PastToFutureReverbs
  • Release: trae_hym
  • Format: Impulse Responses (IRs) WAV/AiFF

The PastToFutureReverbs MCI JH-16 2 Inch Multi-track Tape Recorder IRs offer a unique and authentic sound experience. As one of the best-sounding multitrack tape recorders ever made, this collection of impulse responses (IRs) captures the essence of vintage recording technology. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable pack.

Vintage Tape Magic

  • Lenny Kravitz’s Endorsement: As Lenny Kravitz once said, “This tape machine bumps.” The MCI JH-16 is renowned for its warm, analog sound that adds character to any recording.
  • First-Ever Multi-track Tape Recorder IRs: PastToFutureReverbs introduces the first-ever multi-track tape recorder IRs, allowing producers to infuse their digital recordings with the magic of analog tape.

Golden Results

  • Amazing Sound: The results of these IRs are nothing short of amazing. They faithfully capture the essence of the original MCI JH-16.
  • Gold Standard: These IRs are like gold—precious and invaluable for achieving that classic tape sound.

Comprehensive Collection

  • All 16 Channels: The pack includes all 16 channels of the MCI JH-16, meticulously sampled at 15 inches per second (IPS).
  • 32 WAV/AIFF IRs: With a total of 32 IRs, producers have a wealth of options to enhance their mixes.

PastToFutureReverbs MCI JH-16 2 Inch Multi-track Tape Recorder IRs are a treasure trove for producers seeking authentic analog warmth. Whether you’re working on music, podcasts, or sound design, these IRs elevate your recordings to a golden standard.

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