PastToFutureSamples Fab Drums Tea Towel Kit [KONTAKT]

PastToFutureSamples Fab Drums Tea Towel Kit
  • Publisher: PastToFutureSamples
  • Product: Fab Drums Tea Towel Kit!
  • Release: P2P
  • Requirements: Kontakt 5.4 or higher

Introducing Fab Drums: A Journey into 60’s Sonic Bliss!
Embark on a sonic journey to the heart of the 60s with our latest release—Fab Drums! This drum library stands as a testament to sonic excellence, capturing the essence of the iconic era with meticulous care and the use of authentic gear.

60’s Ludwig Kit Magic:
Immerse yourself in the sound of a fabulous 60’s Ludwig kit, meticulously recorded with a blend of Fab Four mic techniques. The result is a drum experience that encapsulates the sonic charm of an era that continues to inspire generations.

Vintage Gear, Unmatched Character:
To ensure an unparalleled punch and character, we spared no expense in using authentic gear. The Chandler Zener Limiter, Pultec EQ’s, Fairchild compressor clone, and a REDD-style preamp were employed to infuse these drums with the fabulous qualities they deserve.

Crafted with Precision:
Every nuance of the drum performance is faithfully captured with a high level of detail. With 4 velocity layers and 20 Round Robin samples for each velocity, Fab Drums provide the dynamic response and expressive range needed to breathe life into your music.

Authenticity in Every Beat:
The commitment to authenticity extends beyond the sound itself. Fab Drums were recorded at 24-bit/48kHz, ensuring pristine audio quality that honors the spirit of the original recordings.

Versatile Compatibility:
Whether you’re a Kontakt aficionado or prefer other samplers, Fab Drums is designed with versatility in mind. The library is compatible with Kontakt 5.4 or higher, and we’ve included WAV files for seamless integration with your preferred sampling platform.

Elevate Your Productions:
Step into the sonic realm of the 60s and infuse your productions with the unmistakable character of Fab Drums. This library is not just a collection of sounds; it’s a gateway to the era that shaped the sound of generations.

Are you ready to experience Fab Drums? The beat of the 60s awaits your creative touch!

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