PastToFutureSamples Harvest Drums [KONTAKT]

Dry, punchy 70's drum sound library for Kontakt
  • Publisher: PastToFutureSamples
  • Product: Harvest Drums!
  • Release: P2P

Get ready to experience the much-requested Harvest Drums in all their glory with our latest sample library for Kontakt! Crafted with obsessive attention to detail, these drums showcase the timeless and punchy 70’s sound we all know and love from that famous record.

We spared no effort in ensuring period-correct authenticity, employing vintage microphones, drums, recording consoles, and other top-notch analog gear. The result? A delicious sample library that captures the essence of that iconic era.

Our meticulous approach includes multiple round robins and velocity layers, giving you a dynamic and expressive range. Plus, we’ve introduced a sleek, user-friendly GUI for Kontakt. Now, you have the power to tune the drums, adjust volumes, and play with the envelopes effortlessly.

This release marks a new classic in the Past To Future Samples collection, delivering the authentic sound you’ve been craving. And for those who don’t use Kontakt, fret not – we’ve got you covered with high-quality 24bit/48khz wave files included.

Elevate your drum library with the Harvest Drums – it’s time to infuse your music with that irresistible 70’s vibe!

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