Patchmaker Arturia Pigments 500 Presets

Publisher: Patchmaker
Product: Arturia Pigments 500 Presets
Format: .Pgtx
  • Publisher: Patchmaker
  • Product: Arturia Pigments 500 Presets
  • Format: .Pgtx

After two decades of successfully producing software synths based on classic hardware products, Arturia released its first unique synth – Arturia Pigments.

With a sonic palette this versatile, Pigments brings a whole new splash of sonic colour to your projects and productions.

After a long time, Patchmaker is thrilled to be back with “500 Presets – Arturia Pigments”,an essential pack of expertly crafted presets that can be used to bring energy and beauty to any dancefloor.

This preset library gives you everything you need – epic leads, solid basses, thick synths, dark wobbles, pumping plucks ans keys, lush ambient pads, sound effects, soundscapes and what is most important, excellent quality sounds with depth and movement.

“500 Presets – Arturia Pigments” is suitable for Any EDM genres – from Future Bass to Drill, Lo-Fi, Trap, Dubstep, Hyperpop, Synthwave and any other genre that is trending right now.

Each individual preset features 4 macro controls, ensuring your sounds are as diverse and evolving as possible.

Check out this amazing demo and grab your copy of “500 Presets – Arturia Pigments” today!


90 Lead presets
71 Syn presets
46 Key presets
19 Pluck presets
79 Bass presets
66 Pad presets
3 Bell presets
30 Seq presets
11 Perc presets
59 SFX presets
26 Wobble presets

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