Sample Logic Motion Keys (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic Motion Keys
  • Sample Logic
  • Motion Keys
  • 483 Instruments & Presets
  • Over 10,400 audio samples
  • 44.1kHz / 24-bit
  • KONTAKT 5.8.1 or higher
  • 11.19 GB

Sample Logic Motion Keys: a refreshingly new way to deal with the planet of consoles and pianos, using uncommon natural motion with boundless sound-molding prospects not at all like the other keyboard instrument.

Created inside the Kontakt engine, this mammoth 12 GB virtual instrument contains 480 multi-inspected instruments and presets, more than 10,400 examples, all carefully modified to supply unimaginably moving sonic material and melodic thoughts.

Regardless of whether you might want a flawless amazing , or a transforming kaleidoscope of lavish consoles, you’ll see it inside Motion Keys.

Sample Logic Motion Keys at a glance:

  • 483 Instruments and Presets.
  • 12 GB Sample Content.
  • Made totally from multi-examined console instruments.
  • Test Logic’s exclusive quad-center Step Animator with XY motion motors.
  • Dynamic meta-label perusing framework.
  • Randomize nearly everything for quick and unending motivation.
  • Drag and Drop MIDI examples from Motion Keys into a DAW.
  • Hot-swappable impacts chain innovation.

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