Shift Line Fender Twin 73 IR Pack

Fender Twin 73 impulse responses
  • Publisher: Shift Line
  • Product: Fender Twin 73 IR Pack
  • Release: P2P
  • Format: Impulse Responses (IRs)

The Shift Line Fender Twin 73 IR Pack is a meticulously crafted collection of impulse responses (IRs) that capture the essence of the classic 1973 Fender Twin combo. Designed for use with the A+ CabZone LE cabsim or any other cabinet simulator, this pack is the fourth installment from the Shift Line team, offering unparalleled authenticity and quality.

Authentic Vintage Sound

  • Classic Fender Tone: The IRs are based on the iconic 1973 Fender Twin combo, known for its clean, warm sound and rich reverb, making it a favorite among guitarists across genres.
  • Professional Recording: Recorded and edited in St. Petersburg, Russia, these IRs bring the sought-after vintage Fender sound to modern production environments.

Technical Excellence

  • High-Resolution Audio: The IRs are provided in mono 24bit 48kHz WAVE PCM1 format, ensuring high fidelity and compatibility with professional audio standards.
  • Optimal Impulse Length: With an impulse length of 1000 samples (around 20ms), the pack accurately recreates the cabinet’s frequency response while avoiding room effects and unwanted reflections.
  • Volume Normalization: All impulses are normalized to the same volume level, allowing for consistent mixing and matching within your projects.

The Shift Line Fender Twin 73 IR Pack is an essential tool for producers and guitarists seeking the timeless sound of a vintage Fender Twin combo. With its high-quality recording and technical precision, this IR pack is a valuable addition to any digital rig.

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