Shift Line Orange Jim Root PPC212 IR Pack

Orange Jim Root PPC212 cab impulse responses
  • Publisher: Shift Line
  • Product: Orange Jim Root PPC212 IR Pack
  • Release: P2P
  • Format: Impulse Responses (IRs)

The Shift Line Orange Jim Root PPC212 IR Pack is a meticulously crafted collection of 10 impulse responses, designed to bring the iconic sound of the Orange Jim Root PPC212 cabinet to various cabsims and preamps. Recorded by the Shift Line team in St. Petersburg, Russia, this pack represents the fifth installment in their series, offering a true-to-life sonic experience.

High-Quality Impulses

  • Versatile Use: The IRs are compatible with Shift Line’s CabZone X/LE cabsims, Twin MkIIIS tube preamp, and other cabinet simulators, both hardware and software.
  • Professional Recording: The impulses are recorded from the renowned Orange Jim Root PPC212 cab, known for its tight lows and strong upper mids, suitable for modern sound and heavy genres.

Technical Precision

  • Impulse Format: The IRs are presented in mono 24bit 48kHz WAVE PCM1 format, ensuring high fidelity and compatibility with standard audio equipment.
  • Optimal Length: Each impulse is 1000 samples long (around 20ms), capturing the cabinet’s frequency response while minimizing room effects and unwanted reflections.
  • Volume Normalization: All impulses are normalized to the same volume level, providing consistency across the pack.

The Shift Line Orange Jim Root PPC212 IR Pack is an essential tool for producers and guitarists seeking the distinctive sound of the Orange Jim Root PPC212 cabinet. With its high-quality recording and technical precision, this IR pack is a valuable addition to any digital rig.

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