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  • Publisher: SLATE + ASH
  • Product: SPECTRES
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Requirements: KONTAKT v7.7.0+

Explore SLATE + ASH SPECTRES: A cutting-edge Kontakt library featuring avant-garde extended techniques, innovative sound design, and the new COLLAGE engine for experimental scoring.

SLATE + ASH’s SPECTRES is an ambitious Kontakt library that delves into the realm of extended techniques and experimental sound design. Curated by composer Lea Bertucci and featuring performances from avant-garde luminaries, SPECTRES aims to provide composers and sound designers with a unique palette of sonic textures and tools. This review will explore the library’s content, features, and potential applications to help users determine if it’s the right fit for their creative endeavors.

Key Features

  • Extensive Sample Content
    • 666 articulations spanning 13 instruments
    • Over 650 core phrases from 15 performers
    • 500+ sound-designed textures and atmospheres
  • COLLAGE Engine
    • New sample looping environment for creative manipulation
    • Inspired by musique concrète tape-splicing techniques
    • Allows for overlapping sequences and granular micro-montages
  • Multi-Dimensional Mixer
    • Original recordings plus three re-amplified channels
    • Includes grain silo, distorted amplifiers, and vintage spring reverbs
    • Enables exploration of space and timbral variations
  • Preset Library
    • 519 expertly crafted presets
    • Covers a wide range of experimental sounds and textures
    • Influenced by contemporary film scoring trends
  • Modular-like Automation
    • Extensive parameter control
    • Facilitates complex, evolving sound design

SPECTRES offers a deep and rewarding experience for users willing to explore its vast capabilities. The COLLAGE engine provides an intuitive yet powerful interface for manipulating samples, while the multi-dimensional mixer allows for fine-tuning of timbres and spaces. The extensive preset library offers excellent starting points for inspiration, but the real strength lies in the potential for users to create their own unique sounds.

SLATE + ASH’s SPECTRES is a tour de force in the world of experimental sample libraries. It successfully captures the essence of avant-garde extended techniques while providing powerful tools for further sound manipulation. The COLLAGE engine, in particular, opens up new possibilities for creative sample exploration that go beyond traditional sample playback.

The library’s strength lies in its unique content and innovative approach to sound design. While it may not be suitable for those seeking conventional orchestral or pop sounds, SPECTRES offers an unparalleled resource for composers and sound designers working in experimental, contemporary classical, or cutting-edge film scoring contexts.

Whether you’re scoring an arthouse film, creating immersive sound installations, or simply looking to expand your sonic palette with unique textures and timbres, SPECTRES provides a comprehensive toolkit for pushing the boundaries of sound. Its ability to generate complex, evolving soundscapes makes it an invaluable resource for creative professionals seeking to explore new sonic territories in their work.

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