Sonic Bloom ResoTaps by Max for Cats [Max for Live]

ResoTaps is a Resonators/Multitap-Delay with Real-Time Tuning & Modulation
  • Publisher: Sonic Bloom
  • Product: ResoTaps by Max for Cats
  • Release: FANTASTiC
  • Format: Max for Live
  • Requirements: Ableton Live 11.3+

ResoTaps, developed by Max for Cats, is a groundbreaking Max for Live device that reimagines Ableton Live’s Resonators concept, introducing advanced modulation, independent multi-tap delays, and MIDI-side-chaining capabilities. In this review, we’ll delve into how ResoTaps expands upon Live’s native Resonators, offering musicians and producers unparalleled creative possibilities in sound design and music production.

Advanced Resonator and Delay Integration

ResoTaps elevates the Resonators concept by integrating five additional delay lines, each corresponding to one of the resonators. This innovative approach allows users to independently toggle the activation of resonators and delays, offering versatility in sonic exploration. Whether used as a standalone multi-tap delay or combined with resonators, ResoTaps unlocks a world of creative potential, from subtle rhythmic enhancements to complex textural manipulations.

Real-Time Resonator Tuning with MIDI-Side-Chaining

One of ResoTaps’ standout features is its MIDI-side-chaining functionality, enabling real-time resonator tuning through external MIDI input. In MIDI mode, users can designate the root note for the resonators, while MIDI-side-chain routing allows for dynamic tuning adjustments based on incoming MIDI signals. Whether in Mono or Poly mode, ResoTaps offers precise control over resonator tuning, empowering users to sculpt harmonically rich and dynamically responsive soundscapes.

Comprehensive Sound Shaping Tools

ResoTaps boasts a comprehensive array of sound shaping tools, including a flexible filter section with four filter types, global decay control, and output coloration options. Users can seamlessly alternate between two resonator modes, each offering distinct sonic characteristics, and adjust parameters such as stereo width, output gain, and limiting to tailor the sound to their preferences. With Push mappings and a user-friendly interface, ResoTaps streamlines the sound design process, making complex modulation and filtering accessible to all users.

Future Developments and Support

Max for Cats has outlined an ambitious roadmap for ResoTaps, with plans to introduce Scale Awareness in conjunction with the official release of Live 12. This commitment to ongoing development and support ensures that ResoTaps remains at the forefront of Max for Live innovation, continually evolving to meet the needs of modern music production.

ResoTaps by Max for Cats redefines the possibilities of resonator-based sound design within Ableton Live. With its intuitive interface, advanced modulation capabilities, and MIDI-side-chaining functionality, ResoTaps empowers users to create immersive sonic landscapes and expressive musical textures with unparalleled depth and versatility. Whether used as a creative tool for experimentation or as an essential component of a live performance setup, ResoTaps stands as a testament to Max for Cats’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of music technology and inspiring new avenues of artistic expression.

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