Soundmasters #StayHome Bundle

Soundmasters is offering the #StayHome bundle to help you stay home and get creative.
  • Publisher: Soundmasters
  • Product: #StayHome Bundle
  • Format: WAV, Serum and Massive patches

I want to do my part during this bizarre time by giving an excellent opportunity.

The opportunity for inspiration.

Have you ever wondered who you’ll be if you had an equivalent sounds the most important producers use?

This is it.

For a 99% off (what? you mean almost free?) retail price, you’ll NOW get your hands on top quality, exclusive, elite sounds. That can’t be found anywhere else.

Completely accurate recreations of famous sound. Perfect drums made up of years of experience.

If there’s ever a flash to take a position in yourself, this is often it.

Enough with the samples that only promise and never actually deliver. Treat yourself with a bunch of great sounds.

Once during a while, a chance arises and you’ve got to require action to grant it.

Take these sounds now and you’ll experience the Soundmasters way of creating samples.

It’s your choice NOW.

What’s EXACTLY Inside The StayHome Bundle?

  • 512 Serum patches
  • 528 Massive patches
  • 753+ Drums one-shots (.WAV)
  • 353+ Inspirational loops (.WAV)
  • 2000+ Total files

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