Stephan Bodzin BOAVISTA Deconstructed [SOUNDPACK]

Stephan Bodzin BOAVISTA Deconstructed
  • Publisher: Stephan Bodzin
  • Product: BOAVISTA Deconstructed SOUNDPACK

After 20 years of “Stephan Bodzin” I feel the desire to share my work and sounds with all of you. In this sound pack I deconstructed my entire album.

I exported every single track in all its constituent parts. With the sound pack, you have the possibility to fully understand how I work as an artist and how the BOAVISTA sound came into being. That’s why it’s called BOAVISTA Deconstructed.

My first sound pack revealing the production of my album BOAVISTA

• 100% Stephan Bodzin Sound – 1,6 GB
• 490 original sound loops
• Ready to play instruments & drum kits for Ableton, Logic Pro, Kontakt & Battery
• 11 original Stephan Bodzin Moog Sub37 presets & midi files taken from the BOAVISTA album
• BOAVISTA ALBUM (17 originals – mp3, 320kbps)
• BOAVISTA REMIX ALBUM (25 remixes – mp3, 320kbps)

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