SzcZ ReKombinator III [KONTAKT]

ReKombinator III is a granular sample recycler virtual instrument for Kontakt
  • Publisher: SzcZ
  • Product: ReKombinator III
  • Release: ohsie
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.6.1+

If you’re a sound designer, musician, or sonic tinkerer who lives for twisting and warping source material into strange new worlds of abstract texture, you owe it to yourself to get acquainted with ReKombinator III. This upgraded Kontakt instrument builds upon the already potent foundation of its ReKombinator II predecessor, taking granular synthesis and sample mashing into vastly deeper and more exploratory territory.

The core engine at the heart of ReKombinator III is a powerhouse dual-granular monster, capable of elasticizing and disintegrating audio at a multi-dimensional level. Load up any sample (or combine two disparate sources simultaneously) and you’ve got low-level access for mangling speed, position, blur, density, size, scanning behavior – essentially every micro-detail that defines a granular cloud. The flexibility to precisely sculpt and modulate these granular particulars in real-time is what makes ReKombinator III such a phenomenal tool for transforming static audio into amorphous, mutating textures and otherworldly atmospheres.

But as impressive as the granular engine is on its own, ReKombinator III’s true potential is unlocked through its vastly upgraded modulator and effects sections. The mod matrix lets you map a dizzying array of modulation sources – LFOs, envelopes, step sequencers, randomizers – to any parameter for introducing rhythmic pulsation and constantly evolving permutations. And the effects are simply stunning, with a deep well of studio-quality processing like distortion, delays, choruses, flangers, and over 100 convo reverbs to mangle and smear your granular output into oblivion.

For me, what really sets ReKombinator III apart is its seamless combination of surgical sound design precision with unabashedly experimental playfulness. The surgical precision comes through in granular micro-editing capabilities and wealth of on-board processing. But there’s also a refreshing sense of creative irreverence – you can simply drag and drop any audio sample to automatically load it, or randomize effect and reverb combinations to stumble into unexpected worlds of warped, mind-bending sonic decay.

It’s this effortless drift between control and chaos that makes ReKombinator III feel so endlessly inspiring as a sound design tool. One minute you could be carefully extracting gossamer, crystalline tones from field recordings or acoustic sources. The next, you’re extruding roaring, distorted clouds of mechanized granular madness pulsed by utterly alien rhythm patterns. The flexibility and depth is staggering, catering to audio mutants of all persuasions.

The only potential downside is that due to its open-ended, granular-focused nature, ReKombinator III won’t necessarily replace a traditional rompler or virtual instrument for those focused on melodic playing and conventional instrument emulations. This is a sound mangler’s tool through and through.

But for those unafraid to veer off the beaten path of ordinary synthesis and sampling, ReKombinator III is perhaps the most powerful granular Genesis device availble for spawning entirely new dimensions of undiscovered sound design. From raw cinematic textures to abstract ambient sculptures to sci-fi tonalities defying easy classification, this thing can quite literally liquefy any audio input into utterly alien matter. The future starts here.

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