Toontrack Ambient Pop [EZKEYS MIDI]

Ambient Pop is a collection of MIDI files for EZkeys inspired by modern pop music with electronic and atmospheric elements.
  • Publisher: Toontrack
  • Product: Ambient Pop EZkeys MIDI
  • Format: MIDI (EKX Sound Expansion)
  • Requirements: EZkeys 1 or EZkeys 2

Ambient Pop EZkeys MIDI is a MIDI pack for EZkeys, we delve into the world of ambient pop, a unique blend of electronic music styles. From edgy beats to mesmerizing hooks, ambient pop offers a diverse range of sounds.

The MIDI pack is organized into separate “songs,” each with five variations for both ambient and melody parts. This provides a versatile collection of raw material for your music projects. You can use multiple instances of EZkeys, experiment with different sounds, and customize each part until you create your own unique compositions.

If you’re looking for instant inspiration and want to explore atmospheric, dreamy, and experimental ideas, this MIDI pack is perfect for you.

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  • Post last modified:March 12, 2024

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