Toontrack Dark Industrial EKX [EZKEYS 2 EXPANSION]

Dark Industrial Ezkeys 2 Expansion
  • Publisher: Toontrack
  • Product: Dark Industrial EKX
  • Release: ARCADiA
  • Format: Ezkeys 2 Expansion
  • Requirements: EZkeys 2.0.2+

As a producer always on the hunt for unique, atmospheric sound sources, I was immediately intrigued when I first laid eyes on Toontrack’s Dark Industrial EKX expansion for EZkeys. This menacing collection promises an all-encompassing voyage into realms of grit, distortion, and haunting sonic deconstruction.

And let me tell you, Dark Industrial delivers on that foreboding premise in gloriously unnerving fashion. This EKX feels like an otherworldly amalgamation of organic acoustic sources and cold digital circuitry – all processed through layers of filth, saturation, and beautiful degradation.

At its core, you’ve got a piano, an organ, and a pool of analog synths that have been digitally mangled using techniques like granular processing, waveshaping, gnarly distortion, and who knows what other sonic sorcery. The resulting 82 presets span an amazingly wide emotional spectrum, ranging from unsettling ambient pads to punishingly aggressive industrial basses and leads.

In the Keys category, you’ll find sounds that start with recognizable piano and organ timbres, but rapidly descend into creepy, haunted textures thick with grit and dissonance. The Pads are just…well, utterly dismal in the best way possible – conveying this profound sense of dread and atmospheric unease.

Then you have the absolutely face-melting Leads and Basses категшфоц that feel like they were ripped straight from the underbelly of a crumbling steampunk dystopia. We’re talking about massive, squelching synth growls, searing leads dripping with harmonic grime, and lumbering subterranean basslines potent enough to raze foundations.

But perhaps the most fascinating category is the Textures which contain some seriously avant-garde and experimental sound design источники. It’s an inspiring library of clicks, whirrs, drones, static bursts, and other uncategorizable noises that ooze with cinematic flair.

What really impresses me though is just how tweakable and flexible each preset is within EZkeys’ excellent sound-shaping engine. You’ve got full control over envelopes, filters, mixer levels, saturation, and ambience processing – all without any perceptible CPU strain. This malleability allows you to easily customize and further mangle the sounds into truly alien hybrids.

My only minor critique is that the out-of-the-box presets can lean a tad too extreme at times, occasionally lacking more subtle or musical applications. But that’s a small nitpick for a library purposefully aimed at abrasive, industrial-edged sound design.

The included MIDI library is also a very welcome addition, providing multi-layered sampler “songs” tailored for each preset type. Being able to instantly integrate sequences of intertwined drones, rhythms, and ephemera on top of the sounds allows you to conjure vivid, ghostly timbrescapes with ease.

So whether you’re crafting confrontational industrial rock, menacing cinematic soundtracks, or just yearning to create audio manifestations of existential dread, Toontrack’s Dark Industrial EKX is an endlessly inspiring descent into blackened sonic territories. Immerse yourself in the grime – you may never return the same.

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