Toontrack The Jazz Sessions SDX [SUPERIOR DRUMMER 3 EXPANSION]

The Jazz Sessions SDX is an expansion library for Superior Drummer 3
  • Publisher: Toontrack
  • Product: The Jazz Sessions SDX
  • Release: P2P
  • Format: SDX Sound Expansion
  • Requirements: Superior Drummer 3.3.6+

An Artistic Legacy Captured The Jazz Sessions SDX is not just a collection of drum sounds; it’s a historical journey through jazz’s evolution, captured by one of the industry’s most revered engineers, James Farber. With over 1,000 albums under his belt, Farber brings his expertise to this SDX, ensuring each drum kit embodies the essence of jazz.

Features That Define The Jazz Sessions SDX

  • Seven Distinct Kits: Each kit represents a unique jazz era or style, providing a comprehensive range of sounds.
  • Versatile Sampling: Kits are sampled with various tools, including sticks, brushes, rods, mallets, and hands, offering dynamic textural possibilities.
  • Ambient Diversity: Four different ambiences, including Studio A and C main rooms, add depth and character to the drum sounds.
  • Surround Sound Recording: Selected kits are captured with a 5.0 surround mic setup, enhancing the spatial quality of the samples.

The Power Station: A Legendary Venue The iconic Power Station studio in New York City serves as the recording venue, adding its storied acoustic signature to the SDX. This is where Farber’s formative years and some of his most seminal work took place, making it the perfect setting for capturing authentic jazz drums.

Ready-to-Mix Presets and MIDI Library The Jazz Sessions SDX comes with a vast array of mix-ready presets and an extensive MIDI library tailored for different jazz styles. This allows for instant access to professional drum mixes and the flexibility to craft unique rhythmic arrangements.

System Requirements and Installation To fully install The Jazz Sessions SDX, users will need approximately 161 GB of free hard drive space, with an additional 161 GB for the installation process. It requires at least 8 GB of RAM, with 16 GB or more recommended, and a working Superior Drummer 3.3.6 (or above) installation.

Toontrack’s The Jazz Sessions SDX is a masterclass in jazz drum recording, offering unparalleled depth and authenticity. Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or a producer seeking to infuse your tracks with the spirit of jazz, this SDX is an essential addition to your sonic library.

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