Vengeance Essential House Vol. 3 [WAV]

Volume 3 of the Vengeance Sound Essential House series
  • Publisher: Vengeance Sound
  • Product: Essential House Vol. 3
  • Format: WAV

Vengeance Essential House Vol. 3 is a treasure trove for producers, containing over 3,000 Electro, Disco, and Funky House sounds.

This volume is a nostalgic nod to the ’70s disco-house era, infused with modern production quality. The meticulously handpicked sounds include massive kicks, groovy basslines, and modern house loops that promise to add a unique flair to any track.

The collection prides itself on quality, with each sound being the best of its kind. The funky synths, riffs, and singing vocoders are complemented by an impressive array of FX. The claps and snares are particularly noteworthy, potentially the finest compilation available to date.

Vengeance Essential House Vol. 3 is set to revolutionize house music with its blend of vintage and contemporary sounds. It’s an essential asset for producers looking to infuse their tracks with the spirit of disco and the energy of modern house music.

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