Vintage Soul Trap [WAV]

Vintage Soul Trap [WAV]
  • Publisher: Bunker 8 Digital Labs
  • Product: Vintage Soul Trap
  • Format: WAV, AIFF, MIDI
  • Genres: Funk, Hip Hop, Trap

Bunker 8 have merged dusty vinyl soul sounds with modern Trap beats. Introducing ‘Vintage Soul Trap’. Inspired by producers like Noah 40, Metro Boomin’ Drake, Future, Travis Scott, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, etc.

This is a supreme blend of smooth as silk Soul vibes with tight, punchy sub-basses, snappy Trap hats, creaky snares, and even old school dusty vinyl vibes. you’ll hear the vinyl crackle and pop, you’ll keep it together with your mix put it aside, the vinyl noise and crackle is carefully side-chained on a separate track in each Kit.

This is an enormous collection, over 3.5 GB of content, opened up over 11 Construction Kits, everything that you simply got to sit back and permit yourself to be enveloped by these cool fresh flavors.

Vintage Soul Trap Contents:

  • 344 Files
  • 150 WAV Loops
  • 150 AIFF Loops
  • 17 Full Construction Kit MIDI Files

Bunker 8 has supplied the bed tracks to countless television, soundtrack, cinema and gaming experiences. These vibes take you into a sultry place of laid back CP70 Grands, power substrata 808 basses, tip trip snares, blissed-out bell-bottom flute lines. Everything is here to create a singular modern merger of a timeless sound. Yes, even vinyl crackle and pop alongside vintage hardware capture the right vibe.

But don’t worry, the vinyl noise lives on a totally separated side-chain feed. If you would like the tracks clean as a whistle, you’ll remove or lower the extent to taste!

All 11 Construction Kits edited and sample-accurate sliced. Each loop is totally seamless. These tracks will perform flawlessly on any DAW/development platform of your choice. Bunker 8 is developing sample content for over 18 years, they need to provide industry-leading content to the simplest producers, soundtrack composers, computer game audio specialists, and composers within the industry. content.

Careful attention used for sample-accurate edits, escape mix groups of Drums, Bass, Melodics, Synths, FX, also as complete edited mixes of the whole content.

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