Vir2 Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars [KONTAKT]

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  • Publisher: Vir2 Instruments
  • Product: Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Version: 1.5.1
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.7.1+

Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars is a groundbreaking virtual instrument that revolutionizes cinematic guitar sampling. With 36GB of meticulously recorded samples, a redesigned interface, and powerful sound-shaping tools, it sets a new standard for ambient, post-rock, and sound design productions. This review explores the key features, sound quality, user interface, and pricing of Apollo 2, helping potential users decide if it’s the right tool for their musical endeavors.


Expansive Sample Library

At the heart of Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars lies an impressive 36GB sample library. This vast collection includes:

  • 63 chromatically sampled instruments
  • Shimmering swells
  • Fuzzy drones
  • Playful licks
  • Various guitar effects and textures

The breadth and depth of this sample library provide users with an extensive palette of cinematic guitar sounds, making it an invaluable tool for composers and producers working in film, television, and game audio.

Ambient Designer

One of Apollo 2’s standout features is the Ambient Designer patch. This innovative tool allows users to:

  • Layer multiple guitar sounds
  • Arrange on the fly
  • Effortlessly change pitch
  • Switch between major and minor tonalities

The Ambient Designer incorporates phrases, plucks, swells, bows, pads, white noise, and both tonal and atonal guitar effects. This feature alone can significantly speed up the workflow for creating rich, atmospheric guitar soundscapes.

Five-Engine Layout

Apollo 2 boasts a powerful five-engine layout, enabling users to:

  • Layer up to five separate guitars simultaneously
  • Create deep, immersive sounds
  • Play guitars independently for more nuanced control

Each guitar comes with three customizable dynamic layers, providing expressive control that goes beyond traditional guitar sampling.

Advanced Sound-Shaping Tools

Apollo 2 offers a host of sound-shaping tools that push the boundaries of guitar-based virtual instruments:

  • 9 LFO and 6 step sequencer FX per engine
  • Custom AHDSR envelopes
  • Legato functionality for lead lines
  • Reverse and playback speed controls

These features allow users to transform guitar samples into otherworldly sounds, perfect for experimental and avant-garde compositions.

Professionally Designed Presets

With over 220 snapshots created by industry professionals, Apollo 2 provides:

  • Inspirational starting points
  • Quick grab-and-go sounds
  • Organized categories (swells, plucked, motion, sound design, hybrid, etc.)

These presets can significantly speed up the production process while offering high-quality, ready-to-use sounds.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars is nothing short of exceptional. Recorded using top-of-the-line amps, guitars, and pedals, the samples capture the nuanced tones and textures of high-end guitar gear. The three dynamic layers per instrument provide a level of expressiveness rarely found in guitar-based virtual instruments.

The Ambient Designer patch, in particular, showcases the instrument’s ability to create lush, evolving soundscapes that are perfect for cinematic underscore and ambient music production. The ability to layer up to five guitars creates a rich, full-bodied sound that can easily fill out a mix or stand on its own.

User Interface

Apollo 2 features a completely redesigned interface that strikes a balance between power and simplicity. The five-engine layout is intuitive, allowing users to quickly create complex guitar arrangements. The Ambient Designer patch is particularly user-friendly, making it easy to generate sophisticated ambient textures with minimal effort.

The addition of new features in version 1.5, such as the restore engine to default button, sequencer copy/paste/randomize buttons, and directly selectable engines, further enhances the user experience and streamlines the workflow.


  • Extensive 36GB sample library with high-quality recordings
  • Innovative Ambient Designer patch for quick atmospheric textures
  • Powerful five-engine layout for complex layering
  • Advanced sound-shaping tools for creative sound design
  • Over 220 professionally designed presets
  • Regular updates with new features and content


  • Large sample library requires significant storage space
  • May have a steep learning curve for users new to advanced virtual instruments

Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars is a tour de force in the world of cinematic guitar sampling. Its vast library of meticulously recorded samples, coupled with powerful sound-shaping tools and an intuitive interface, makes it an indispensable tool for composers, producers, and sound designers working in film, television, and game audio.

While the extensive feature set may be overwhelming for beginners, those willing to invest time in mastering Apollo 2 will find it to be an incredibly versatile and inspiring instrument. The Ambient Designer patch, in particular, sets Apollo 2 apart from its competitors, offering unparalleled ease in creating complex, evolving guitar textures.

For professionals in need of high-quality cinematic guitar sounds and hobbyists looking to elevate their productions, Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars is a worthy investment that can significantly enhance the sonic palette of any studio.

Ready to elevate your productions with cinematic guitar soundscapes? Download Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars and start creating immersive, professional-quality guitar textures today!

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