Vir2 MOJO 2: Horn Section 2.0 [KONTAKT]

Vir2 MOJO 2: Horn Section 2.0 - The Ultimate Virtual Brass Experience
  • Publisher: Vir2 Instruments
  • Product: MOJO 2: Horn Section 2.0
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Requirements: Kontakt v5.8.1+

Are you a composer, producer, or musician looking for the most authentic and versatile virtual horn section on the market? Look no further than Vir2’s MOJO 2: Horn Section 2.0. This powerhouse update to the already impressive MOJO series takes virtual brass instruments to new heights, offering an unparalleled level of realism and flexibility for your productions.

Unmatched Sample Quality and Instrument Selection

MOJO 2 boasts an impressive array of 17 meticulously sampled brass and reed instruments, including four new simulated muted options. From the soulful Alto Sax to the punchy Piccolo Trumpet, each instrument has been captured with up to four velocity layers and three round robins, ensuring a dynamic and lifelike performance every time.

The true star of the show is the updated True Legato mode. Vir2 has painstakingly recorded the transitions between every note, resulting in silky-smooth melodic lines that sound incredibly realistic. This attention to detail sets MOJO 2 apart from its competitors, making it an essential tool for any serious composer.

Articulation Heaven

With 13 articulations per instrument, including sustains, staccatos, falls, and the newly added flutter tongue, MOJO 2 gives you the power to craft expressive and nuanced performances. The addition of legato modes to stabs and crescendos further enhances the library’s versatility, allowing for even more convincing performances.

Customization and Control at Your Fingertips

MOJO 2’s intuitive interface puts an incredible amount of control in your hands. The Performance page allows you to fine-tune everything from vibrato to keynoise, while the Mixer page lets you blend three microphone positions for the perfect sound. The Effects page offers a curated selection of processors, including EQ, compression, and reverb, to help your horns sit perfectly in the mix.

One standout feature is the ability to adjust the number of players per instrument from 1 to 10, complete with auto-divisi functionality. This ensemble control, combined with humanization and stereo spread options, allows you to create anything from intimate solo performances to massive horn sections with ease.

Time Travel with Era Modes

MOJO 2’s four unique Era modes act as a sonic time machine, instantly transporting your horns through different decades. Whether you’re after a modern, polished sound or the warm, vintage tones of the 1920s, MOJO 2 has you covered. This feature is particularly useful for film and TV composers who need to match specific time periods quickly.

System Requirements and Installation

Be prepared for a hefty download – MOJO 2 requires 144GB of free disk space to install, settling at 72GB once completed. You’ll also need at least 8GB of RAM (16GB+ recommended) to run it smoothly. The library is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems and includes the standalone Kontakt Player 5.

Who Should Download MOJO 2: Horn Section 2.0?

  • Film and TV composers seeking authentic brass sounds
  • Pop and jazz producers looking for realistic horn sections
  • Game audio designers in need of versatile brass instruments
  • Music educators wanting a high-quality virtual horn section for demonstrations
  • Hobbyist musicians looking to expand their virtual instrument collection

Vir2’s MOJO 2: Horn Section 2.0 is a tour de force in the world of virtual brass instruments. Its combination of stunningly realistic samples, extensive articulations, and intuitive controls make it an indispensable tool for any composer or producer working with horn sections. While the large file size and system requirements might be daunting for some, the quality and versatility of MOJO 2 more than justify the investment.

For those serious about their virtual brass sounds, downloading MOJO 2: Horn Section 2.0 is a no-brainer. It sets a new standard for what’s possible with sampled horns and will undoubtedly elevate your productions to new heights. Whether you’re scoring the next Hollywood blockbuster or producing a chart-topping pop hit, MOJO 2 has the power and flexibility to bring your brass parts to life.

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