Void & Vista Strands [KONTAKT]

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  • Publisher: Void & Vista
  • Product: Strands
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.7.0+

As musicians and composers, we’re always on the hunt for that secret sonic ingredient that can elevate our tracks and scores to truly transcendent heights. Well, let me introduce you to what might just be your new favorite sound design Swiss Army knife: Strands by Void & Vista. This cinematically lush sample library is a masterclass in expressive, characterful sampling that’ll breathe new life into your musical landscapes.

Right off the bat, Strands makes one heck of a first impression with its gorgeously designed interface. This isn’t just another boring, clinical sample rompler – it’s a visually inspiring virtual instrument that reacts dynamically to your performance in mesmerizing ways. From the cool, minimal front page to the psychedelic background animations, the UI alone is enough to spark your creative flow.

But as impressive as the window dressing is, it’s what lies under the hood that really sets Strands apart. We’re talking a meticulously curated collection of over 32 sound sources spanning bowed acoustic and electronic instruments, processed synths, field recordings, and everything in between. These are no mere bread-and-butter samples either – Void & Vista have expertly captured a world of evocative textures and nuances that ooze cinematic character.

Loading up any of the presets, you’re immediately transported into vast, immersive realms of sonic possibilities. The dual-layer design allows you to blend and morph between disparate sound sources for maximum expressiveness, with deep editing options for sculpting and customizing every element to perfection. Envelopes, filters, LFOs, effects – it’s all there, ripe for creative exploration.

What really sets Strands apart, though, is its dedication to dynamic, performable sound design. The “Dynamic” parameter allows you to recreate the natural ebb and flow of orchestral dynamics, with adjustable dampening for ultra-realism. Working hand-in-hand with the multi-stage velocity-to-dynamics mapping, it brings an unparalleled sense of expression and believability to your sound sources.

Then you’ve got the wealth of unique creative effects to further mangle and transform your audio into all sorts of alien atmospheres. The built-in convolution lets you import your own impulse responses for advanced experimentation, while the flexible delay and reverb send modules provide lush, widescreen ambiences. And let’s not forget about the LoFi warping section that lets you dial in all sorts of deliciously crushed and detuned vibes.

For the MIDI heads out there, Strands has you covered too. The MIDI mapping system allows you to assign controls visually from the interface, with handy learning functionality for ultra-quick workflows. You can even map multiple parameters simultaneously for layered, morphing performances that would make most hardware synths green with envy.

Look, I could wax poetic about Strands’ feature set all day, but honestly, words don’t do this thing justice. It’s one of those instruments that just oozes inspiration from every pore, transcending its individual components into something greater than the sum of its parts. Whether you’re a media composer looking to add some ultrasonic fairy dust to your scores or an electronic producer craving unique, evocative texture sources, Strands is an absolute must-have creative toolbox.

Is it a premium purchase that’ll make a dent in your plugin budget? Sure. But when you factor in the sheer depth, flexibility, and cinematic lusciousness of what’s on offer here, that price tag starts to look like an absolute steal. If you’re ready to elevate your sound design craft and open your music up to vast new realms of expression, do yourself a favor and add Strands to your arsenal ASAP. Highly recommended!

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