Wrongtools Down By Law [KONTAKT]

Acoustic bass guitar sample library for Kontakt
  • Publisher: Wrongtools
  • Product: Down By Law
  • Release: ohsie
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.7.1+

Wrongtools Down By Law is a unique and innovative sample library that stands out in the world of music production. It is meticulously crafted by playing with unconventional tools like rubber mallets, brushes, and knitting needles on the strings of an acoustic bass guitar, offering a fresh take on sound design.

The library boasts an impressive range of single notes and hits, with each patch containing approximately 20 dynamic layers and 3 round robins, ensuring a rich and natural sound. The articulation switcher, controlled by key switches or continuous controllers, adds to the versatility, allowing for seamless transitions between different playing styles.

What truly sets this library apart are the arrhythmic sound sculpts and the 136 tightly-cut loops that provide a rhythmic backbone to any composition. The inclusion of adjustable custom impulse response (IR) reverbs, abstract FX textures, and three distinct mic positions, further enhances the creative possibilities.

The intuitive user interface and the separate faders for attack sounds make it easy for composers and producers to tailor the sounds to their needs. The library is synced to tempo in NI Kontakt, which simplifies integration into existing projects.

Recorded in a high-quality studio environment, the acoustic bass guitar samples exude a sense of acoustic liveliness that can breathe life into bass or percussion sections of any arrangement. The attention to detail in the recording process is evident in the final product.

Wrongtools Down By Law is not just a sample library; it’s a tool that encourages exploration and creativity. It’s perfect for composers looking to infuse their arrangements with unique and captivating sounds.

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