Wrongtools Northwest Passage [KONTAKT]

Northwest Passage is a bowed electric guitars sample library for Kontakt
  • Publisher: Wrongtools
  • Product: Northwest Passage
  • Release: ohsie
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.7.1+

Wrongtools’ Northwest Passage is an evocative Kontakt library that captures the essence of the ocean’s narrative through cinematic guitar tones and textures.

A Sea of Guitars

Northwest Passage is a reflective sample library that invites composers to experience the ocean’s vast beauty through the medium of electric guitars. The patches, created with a violin bow on electric guitar strings, are layered with freeze and looper pedals before being recorded through amps, resulting in a collection that drifts and dances with weightless and ephemeral qualities.

The library offers a rich tapestry of bowed electric guitar textures, from lush atmospheres and rhythmic pulses to captivating harmonics and ethereal soundscapes. It includes acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric dan-bau, electric bass, and electric sitar, all bowed and recorded through freeze and looper pedals and amps.

The user-friendly interface of Northwest Passage provides effortless access to an array of controls and effects. With the [fx] presets, users can sculpt the sound to their liking, modulate the resonance, and delve into expressive performances. The library is designed to ignite inspiration for media composers and producers seeking innovative sounds and bowed textures with an experimental flair.

At a Glance

  • Bowed Guitar Textures
  • Performed through Loop and Freeze Pedals
  • Ambient Guitar Palette + ADSR shorts
  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Sample-Start Slider
  • Channel Strips On Each Signal
  • Customizable Output Routing

Wrongtools’ Northwest Passage is a groundbreaking library that redefines the boundaries of musical expression. It is an essential tool for those looking to infuse their compositions with a touch of the ocean’s depth and mystery. With its intuitive interface and limitless creative potential, Northwest Passage stands as a beacon for innovative sound design in the modern music landscape.

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