York Audio VH+ 412 P50E [WAV]

Publisher: York Audio
Product: VH+ 412 P50E
Format: WAV
  • Publisher: York Audio
  • Product: VH+ 412 P50E
  • Format: WAV

The York Audio VH+ 412 P50E Cab Pack is based on a VHT Fatbottom 4×12 cabinet loaded with the original Eminence P50E Speakers. The tone is mean and aggressive with a thick low end, throaty midrange, and a top end with nice bite and air to give your tone presence and width in the mix. While this cabinet is typically used for heavier music, its forward midrange gives a “woodiness” to mid gain tones and sounds surprisingly good with clean amps.

This Cab Pack features 136 Single Mic files captured with thirteen hand-selected microphones and 17 of York Audio’s famous Multi-Mic Mixes designed to give you killer results with minimal tweaking for a total of 153 IRs.

Microphones used in this Cab Pack

  • Dynamic:
    • 57m – Based on a modern Shure SM57
    • 57v – Based on a vintage Shure Unidyne III SM57
    • 58 – Based on a Shure SM58
    • SM7 – Based on a vintage Shure SM7
    • 421m – Based on a modern Sennheiser MD421
    • 421v – Based on a vintage Sennheiser MD421
    • 906 – Based on a Sennheiser e906
  • Ribbon:
    • 121- Based on a Royer R-121
    • 160 – Based on a Beyerdynamic M160
    • 313 – Based on a Shure KSM313
    • N22 – Based on an AEA Nuvo N22
  • Condenser:
    • U47 – Based on a Telefunken U47 large diaphragm tube condenser
    • 184 – Based on a Neumann KM 184 Small diaphragm condenser
  • Ambient:
    • ROOM 1, 2, and 3 – Captured with a Telefunken U47
    • REAR 1 and 2 – Captured with a Telefunken U47
    • SIDE – Captured with a Telefunken U47
    • SUM – Captured with AEA Nuvo N22

All products have been tested with Fractal Audio Systems™, Line 6™, Strymon™, and Kemper™ hardware, as well as DAW plug-ins to ensure seamless integration with your digital modeling units.

Tech Specs

  • All Cab Packs come in .WAV format in 24-bit 96k, 48k, and 44.1k files.
  • All IRs are 500ms for maximum resolution. Hardware units that require shorter files will automatically truncate 500ms files to the unit’s preferred length upon import.
  • Natural Phase and Minimum Phase versions are provided.
  • Fractal Audio™, Line 6™ Helix, Atomic™ Amplifire, and most IR loading amp modelers utilize 48k files.
  • Kemper™ units ulitize 44.1k files.
  • Strymon™ Iridium and BOSS™ units utilizes 96k files.

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