Groove3 – Fabfilter Saturn 2 Explained (Tutorial)

Studio wizard Larry Holcombe explained Fabfilter Saturn 2! Download this Fabfilter Saturn 2 tutorial series and start to learn all of its features and functions
  • Publisher: Groove3
  • Product: Fabfilter Saturn 2 Explained
  • Length: 1hr 31min 45sec

Studio wizard Larry Holcombe gives detailed Fabfilter Saturn 2 tutorials! Download this in-depth tutorial series for Fabfilter’s awesome distortion/saturation plug-in Fabfilter Saturn 2, and learn all of its features and functions, including the way to use them to feature subtle to heavy distortion and saturation effects to your instruments and tracks. These videos are designed for brand spanking new Saturn 2 users.

Larry welcomes you and starts at the start with an in-depth check out Saturn 2’s interface, including how you’ll use the parameter controls to locate the various areas of the plug-in, which can prepare you for the upcoming videos.

The Interactive Multi-Band Display and Band Controls are then explained and explored including the way to work with multiple bands simultaneously, making for a good sort of tonal shaping of your sounds. Larry then covers the output controls and Mid/Side processing options, the A/B comparison feature, and drag and drop modulation routing which allows you to route multiple parameters from modulation sources and source presets for endless sonic alchemy.

In the remainder of the videos. Larry shows you recommendations on using the Slider and XFLO, the way to add some extra punch to a drum loop by saturating the transients using the envelope follower in Transient and Envelope Mode, experiment with morphing between different guitar tones using the XY controller and far, much more.

To see what these comprehensive Saturn 2 video tutorials show you and the way they’ll assist you to feature saturation and distortion from the subtle to the wildest multiband guitar amp effects and everything in between, see the individual Saturn 2 tutorial descriptions on this page. Warm-up your sounds and provides them more punch and vibe now… Watch “Fabfilter Saturn 2 Explained®” today.

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