Groove3 Logic Pro Flipping a Sample Explained [TUTORiAL]

How to flip a sample in Logic Pro
  • Publisher: Groove3
  • Author: Laurence Holcombe
  • Product: Logic Pro: Flipping a Sample Explained
  • Release: HiDERA
  • Duration: 59min 11sec (5 Videos)

Unleash the untapped potential of Logic Pro’s Quick Sampler and Sampler in this eye-opening video course by production maestro Larry Holcombe. No need for fancy sampling programs – he’ll guide you through the intricacies of pitching, chopping, and editing directly within Logic Pro. This course isn’t just about making beats; it’s a journey through the entire beat-making process, from inception to a fully realized track. Suitable for intermediate Logic Pro users, you’re about to level up your sampling game.

Larry kicks things off with a sneak peek into the lesson’s agenda before diving into the hands-on action. Watch as he deftly prepares a selected sample, tweaking its pitch and injecting a dose of speed. Then, witness the magic unfold as the sample is seamlessly woven into Quick Sampler, where Larry reveals the art of chopping using beat divisions, making it monophonic, and fine-tuning with Gate Mode – all within the Logic Pro ecosystem.

But that’s not all. Larry introduces an alternative method – manual sample chopping – shedding light on when one approach might outshine the other in various scenarios. The course continues to evolve with the layering of a MIDI bass, courtesy of a Logic 808 preset, injecting your beat with an extra dose of low-end prowess.

Hold tight; there’s more in store. Discover the art of creating a beat from the sample using the Crate Digger preset, spice things up with a 16th-note hi-hat track from Drummer (with a dash of off-grid experimentation for that perfect groove), replace mundane MIDI drums with a chopped-up drum loop, adjust the tempo to amp up the energy – and the beat goes on.

Logic Pro’s sampling tools are a treasure trove waiting to be explored, and Larry is your guide to unlocking their full potential. Learn to create beats swiftly and enjoy the process. Dive into “Logic Pro: Flipping a Sample Explained®” today and witness the sheer sampling power of Logic Pro unfold before your eyes.

What’s on the learning agenda?

  • Prepping a sample with finesse before it hits Quick Sampler.
  • Two dynamic methods for chopping samples: beat division and the hands-on manual approach.
  • Layering in additional sonic elements like bass and drums to craft a richer beat.
  • Unlocking the secrets of making a sample monophonic, eliminating velocity sensitivity, and other game-changing concepts.
  • And that’s just the beginning! Explore a world of possibilities in this Logic Pro production video course, where making beats becomes an art form. Check out the detailed tutorial descriptions for additional insights and ignite your creativity in your own productions. Harness the full might of Logic Pro’s sampling prowess – embark on the journey of “Logic Pro: Flipping a Sample Explained®” today!

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