Groove3 Percussion Production Tips & Tricks [TUTORiAL]

Publisher: Groove3
Supplier: HiDERA
Product: Percussion Production Tips & Tricks
  • Publisher: Groove3
  • Supplier: HiDERA
  • Product: Percussion Production Tips & Tricks

If you’re growing tired of static, lifeless percussion grooves and are looking for ways to add some pop to your rhythm tracks, this is the course to watch! Studio expert Thomas Cochran presents an instructional production video course designed to revitalize boring percussion tracks and make them sound like a feature rather than an afterthought. You’ll learn many techniques and tips for bringing out the best of your percussion parts, including how to EQ, process, layer, program MIDI, and more, and make them shine. These production and sound design videos are for those familiar with basic mixing and routing concepts.

Thomas begins the course with a few instrument-specific tutorials focusing on loop creation, including congas, shakers, and hi-hats. Learn how, by using a few one-shot samples, you can build exciting, dynamic loops by paying attention to things like proper MIDI programming, sample selection and layering, effects processing, and mixing techniques. Then he goes deeper into the processing concept and demonstrates how, with the use of several effects from Plugin Alliance, you can emulate vintage or modern mixes with your loops so that they’ll sit exactly the way you want them to.

Next, explore the subject of top loops, when Thomas shows you ways, such as using distortion and filtering, to create loops that fit perfectly into various genres like pop, electronic, and R&B. You’ll also discover ways to adding lo-fi character and vintage vibe to make your loops come alive like never before, whether it be for house, pop, or a number of other styles. All the plug-ins used in the video are listed for reference, so you’ll know exactly what Thomas is using and how to achieve the sounds on your own.

It’s easy for anyone to drag and drop ready-made loops into their song and call it a day, but this course will show you how to go the extra mile and make something truly special that doesn’t simply fade into the backdrop. You’ll learn ways to make percussion tracks that will get others saying, “How’d you do that?” As a bonus, you’ll be developing skills that will be useful in many other areas of production, such as sound design, mixing, and more. Don’t settle for generic store-bought percussion loops any more… watch “Percussion Production Tips & Tricks” today!

What You Will Learn:

-How to select, process, and layer samples to create vibrant loops
-Tips on MIDI programming and emulation of modern or vintage mix techniques
-EQ, dynamics, and other effects tips for correcting harshness or applying a creative touch
-Methods for getting your loops to sit atop the mix without becoming distracting or competing with other elements
-and more!

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