Groove3 Revoice Pro 5 Explained [TUTORiAL]

Revoice Pro 5 Tutorial
  • Publisher: Groove3
  • Product: Revoice Pro 5 Explained
  • Release: HiDERA
  • Duration: 2hr 23min 5sec (23 Videos)

If you’re seeking an efficient solution for all your vocal editing and production needs, Revoice Pro 5 is your go-to tool. Join the skilled producer Eli Krantzberg as he delves into the intricacies of this incredible software, demonstrating how it can swiftly whip your vocals into shape. Whether you’re in need of subtle tuning, precise removal of sibilance, or tweaking the timing to align perfectly with the groove, Revoice Pro 5 streamlines the process effortlessly. This video course is tailored for newcomers to Revoice Pro 5, guiding you through its features and functionalities.

Eli starts with a brief overview of Revoice Pro 5, familiarizing you with its key sections—Match, Doubler, and Adjust—and providing useful insights into the GUI. The course then proceeds to cover the procedures for transferring audio to and from Revoice Pro 5 in popular DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and Studio One.

Inside Revoice Pro 5, you’ll explore essential aspects like navigation, scale snapping, playback ranges, and various track management techniques for optimal workflow. The tutorial delves into Settings and Groups, showcasing section-based settings and track grouping functionalities. Eli also covers marker tracks, audio layers, non-ARA or stand-alone mode features, and powerful tools for tuning and pitch editing.

The course takes you through time-based editing, allowing you to manipulate individual notes, note blocks, and more. You’ll also discover features like warp points and speed ramps for adjusting speed and transitions between notes, as well as level editing to handle non-pitched sounds like breaths and S’s.

Revoice Pro 5 acts as the Autobahn for vocal processing, and this course lets you drive a Porsche along it. Gain comprehensive insights into its incredible potential swiftly, and be ready to integrate it seamlessly into your next vocal track. Elevate your vocal editing process into the 21st century—watch “Revoice Pro 5 Explained®” now!

Key Learning Points:

  • Efficient audio transfer in and out of Revoice Pro 5 across various DAWs, with syncing and playback monitoring
  • Utilizing the Match function to align poorly executed vocal doubles or harmonies effortlessly
  • Swiftly tuning vocals and adjusting formants
  • Fine-tuning the length of individual notes and note blocks
  • And much more!
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