PLAYvirtuoso Shadow Child Make world-class remixes [TUTORiAL]

Shadow Child – How to make world-class remixes
  • Publisher: PLAYvirtuoso
  • Product: Make world-class remixes
  • Release: youngjohn
  • Duration: 15 classes, total of 2h 57m

PLAYvirtuoso’s “Shadow Child Make world-class remixes” course offers an insightful and comprehensive look into the art of remixing, guided by none other than the highly acclaimed producer and DJ, Shadow Child. With a wealth of experience under his belt, including remixes for artists spanning various genres, Shadow Child shares his expert knowledge and techniques for crafting world-class remixes that stand out from the crowd.

The course begins by introducing Shadow Child’s extensive remixing portfolio, highlighting his remixes for renowned artists such as Hot Natured, Calvin Harris, Disclosure, and many more. This sets the stage for learners to understand the caliber of remixes they’ll be learning to create under his guidance.

Targeted towards intermediate-level producers, the course covers a wide range of topics essential for remixing success. From developing initial ideas to the post-production phase, Shadow Child walks learners through his step-by-step process, ensuring they gain a thorough understanding of each stage of remixing.

One of the key highlights of the course is Shadow Child’s emphasis on infusing your own identity into a remix while still honoring the original essence of the track. This balance between creativity and respect for the source material is a hallmark of Shadow Child’s remixing style, and learners will benefit greatly from his insights on achieving this delicate balance.

Throughout the course, Shadow Child shares practical tips and techniques for working with artists, securing remix opportunities, and networking effectively within the industry. These insights provide invaluable guidance for aspiring producers looking to establish themselves in the competitive world of remixing.

Using software such as Ableton and Reason, along with a selection of favorite plugins, Shadow Child demonstrates his workflow in a clear and accessible manner. However, learners are encouraged to follow along with their preferred DAW, ensuring the course is accessible to producers of all backgrounds.

In addition to technical skills, the course also delves into the creative process behind remixing, exploring the differences between working on remixes and original productions. By limiting options and focusing on unleashing creativity, Shadow Child encourages learners to explore new avenues and push the boundaries of their remixing endeavors.

As the course progresses, learners gain valuable insights into mixing and mastering techniques, ensuring their remixes achieve a professional sound ready for release. With Shadow Child’s guidance, learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to transform their remixing aspirations into reality.

In conclusion, PLAYvirtuoso’s “Shadow Child Make world-class remixes” course is a must-have resource for producers looking to elevate their remixing skills to the next level. With Shadow Child’s expert guidance and real-world experience, learners are empowered to create remixes that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression in the world of electronic music.

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