2CAudio Precedence [WiN]

2CAudio Precedence v1.5.0 VST2/AAX
  • Publisher: 2CAudio
  • Supplier: CINEMATIQUE
  • Product: Precedence
  • Version: 1.5.0
  • Format: VST2/AAX

Step into a realm of spatial mixing like never before with 2CAudio Precedence. This revolutionary plugin transcends traditional stereo positioning techniques, offering mix engineers an unprecedented level of control over the width, depth, and presence of their audio sources. By harnessing psychoacoustic principles and cutting-edge algorithms, Precedence creates a hyper-realistic 3D sonic environment that breathes life into your mixes. Let’s explore the myriad features and innovative functionalities that set Precedence apart from conventional spatial processing tools.

Psychoacoustic Stereo Positioning

Precedence leverages psychoacoustic principles to craft an organically modulating stereo image reminiscent of traditional stereo microphone techniques used in acoustic spaces. With intuitive controls for left-to-right and front-to-back placement, Precedence empowers mix engineers to achieve precise localization of each instrument within a virtual stage. The result is a captivating sense of spatial depth and dimensionality that elevates the listening experience to new heights.

Unified Spatial Mixing Environment

Version 1.5 of Precedence introduces groundbreaking features such as Precedence Link inter-plugin communication, Multi-Instance Editing, and Edit Groups, seamlessly integrating with 2CAudio’s Breeze 2.5 reverb plugin. Together, these enhancements establish a unified Spatial Mixing Environment, where direct sound spatialization and adaptive multi-instance reverb coalesce to deliver unparalleled sonic results. With the PBJ system (Precedence and Breeze 2.5), users can achieve a synergistic workflow and lifelike instrument placement within a virtual acoustic space.

Innovative Modulation and Spatial Effects

Unlike traditional stereo positioning techniques, Precedence introduces novel developments in organic morphing functionality, enhancing effectiveness over both headphones and loudspeakers. By offering precise control over horizontal angle, azimuth, and apparent distance from the listener, Precedence enables users to achieve front-back depth and distance placement with remarkable accuracy. Moreover, Precedence intelligently integrates with 2CAudio reverbs to achieve unprecedented realism in instrument placement, enriching the sonic landscape with lifelike spatial effects and dynamic modulation.

Life In Motion

Precedence breathes life into mixes with its subtle organic modulation, imbuing direct sound with a sense of presence and realism that transcends conventional spatial processing techniques. By augmenting spatialization with dynamic modulation, Precedence infuses mixes with an immersive, three-dimensional quality that captivates the listener’s imagination. From subtle nuances to sweeping sonic landscapes, Precedence redefines the boundaries of spatial mixing, offering mix engineers a versatile toolkit for crafting immersive and engaging audio experiences.

In conclusion, 2CAudio Precedence represents a paradigm shift in spatial mixing, offering a transformative approach to stereo positioning and sonic manipulation. With its innovative features, intuitive interface, and unparalleled sound quality, Precedence empowers mix engineers to unleash their creativity and achieve spatial effects that transcend the boundaries of traditional mixing techniques. Whether you’re crafting intricate soundscapes, orchestrating cinematic scores, or sculpting immersive sonic environments, Precedence is your gateway to a new dimension of spatial mixing excellence.

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